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Sue on the way up to Kirk Fell
Rob on top of Hart Side
Ste pictured on top of Brae Fell
Spud on the summit cairn of Mungrisedale Common
Rob -  The website editor, spent the best part of 30 years in the IT industry, early retired around September 20. Northwest Counties League Squash player and Liverpool FC Season Ticket holder. Should finance ever allow would move to Lakeland in a heartbeat, preferably in Ambleside.
Sue -  A very accomplished Bass guitar player in a "Shadows" tribute band. Spent a lifetime doing high impact aerobics, now awaiting a full knee replacement (already has a metal half knee). A lover of the great outdoors, and especially the Lake District and shares the same passion of being out on the Fells
Ste -  Works in our local Health Club and enjoys regular workouts with weights and cardio machines. A lover of nature and the great oudoors. Currently looking to advance more in the Customer Service area. Would love to move up to Lakeland if ever the opportunity came round
Spud -  Our year old (currently) Cairn Terrier. Hates travelling up to Lakeland in the car but very happy to stay out on the fells all day