Walk : The Newlands Round Cat Bells (1,481ft), Maiden Moor (1,877ft), High Spy (2,143ft), Dale Head (2,473ft)

Hindscarth (2,385ft),

Date : 22nd June 2011

Weather : Overcast threatening rain


Distance : 7 miles round trip

Time Taken : 1 hour 10 mins to first summit (Cat Bells)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




This circular walk starting at Hawes End near Derwent Water can be done either clock or anti clockwise. This blog describes the clockwise route

starting with Cat Bells. The drop in height from High Spy to Dale Head tarn is considerable, leaving a hefty pull up to Dale Head summit



Starting off on the engineered path to climb upto Cat Bells summit seen here centre right



Looking back north towards Bassenthwaite Lake



Blencathra from the summit of Cat Bells



Looking back to Cat Bells on the very clear path to Maiden Moor



Looking ahead towards Maiden Moor as the weather creeps in. Dale Head and Hindscarth just starting to be covered in mist



Looking over to Mosedale from Maiden Moor summit as I journey on to High Spy



Approaching the cairn on High Spy



The very well constructed cairn on High Spy



Looking across to Dale Head from High Spy



Looking over Dale Head to the massive bulk of Great Gable



The path up to Dale Head, however before that a considerable drop down to Dale Head tarn



Dale Head tarn



Looking down the Newlands valley from the summit of Dale Head



Looking north to Causey Pike from the summit of Dale Head



On the path to Hindscarth looking back to Dale Head



Back down on the valley floor and a look back to the descent of Scope End


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