Walk                 : An Easdale Jaunt

                                        Date                 : 1st October 2012

                                        Weather           : Heavy showers off and on throughout       

                                        Route Details    : Grasmere, Helm Crag, Gibson Knott, Calf Crag and return

                                        Distance           : 7.5 miles


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                                        We have just spent the last week in Lakeland staying at our favourite apartment in Bowness. This last few weeks has seen unprecedented

                                                            amounts of rainfall and our week was no exception. So it was with all the waterproof gear we could pack that Ste and I set out towards

                                                            Grasmere. Today, according to the weather report was supposed to be the “driest” day of the week  - Ha !!!

                                                            This little jaunt around Easdale taking in 3 Wainwright fells is really worth trying out, nothing too risky if the weather turns bad and a

                                                            clear track throughout, allow about 5 hours or so.



We set off down Easdale Lane, the first objective of the day (Helm Crag) in clear view but some rather ominous looking rain clouds also close by



On the track leading to Lancrigg Hotel with Easdale Beck in full flow



Past the front of the Hotel and the path leads upwards towards the start of the climb



The “stone stairway” leads upwards past Jackdaw Crag



Now the vista starts to open up – here Grasmere and in the far distance Loughrigg Tarn



And looking across the valley towards Easdale Tarn. In the background Harrison Stickle and Pavey Arc in the Langdale Valley



Near the summit of Helm Crag and these three girls take the best seat in the house for lunch



Slightly further round and the small rock formation that is the “Lamb” part of the “Lion and the Lamb”



Looking east across the A591 and the massive bulk of Fairfield



Ste, suitably perched cracks open the butties




Looking over to “The Howitzer” – the true summit of Helm Crag



After a short break for butties and deciding whether or not it was going to lash it down, we set off on the path leading to the second fell of the day – Gibson Knott



The path is very straightforward, though the ground was very boggy in parts -  but in no time we had reached the summit



Me doing my bit for “Cairn Maintenance”



Third fell of the day – Calf Crag and the gathering of storm clouds closing in on us. It seemed a shame to turn back and miss the fell out, so on we went



Very heavy ground here as we approach Pike of Carrs, the storm brewing to the left of us



Then - here it came within minutes … driving rain and sleet


Click the link - you will need a bit of sound to get the full effect !!    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4sqxf-eXjQ&feature=g-upl





Within minutes it had passed over us !!!



And even the sun tried its best. But after a good soaking we decided it was best to head back, as there was more on the way



Its him again !!!





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