Walk                 : The Langdale Pikes (all except Pike o Stickle)

                                        Date                 : 10th June 2012

                                        Weather           : Cloudy in parts and warm around 18 °C

                                        Route Details    : Dungeon Ghyll (Old) Hotel, Pavey Arc, Harrison Stickle, Thorn Crag, Loft Crag

                                        Distance           : Forgot my Pedometer but around 7 miles or so


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                                        Day two of a week long holiday staying in Bowness, and whilst the weather was not as good as had been recently it was however,

                                                            clear enough to take on what can be described as an adventurous walk in parts in the beautiful Langdale valley. The anti clockwise

                                                            journey over the Pikes starting from the Old Hotel at Dungeon Ghyll requires some pretty steep scrambling up the heart of Stickle

                                                            Ghyll and at times requires you to cross the rapids of the gushing waterfall to get on better ground. A convenient stop off at Stickle

                                                            Tarn allows you to assess the preferred route of ascent up Pavey Arc, either way spectacular views and a good “workout”



On the way into Great Langdale and the first decent view of the days objective. From the right, Pavey Arc, Harrison Stickle,

Thorn Crag, Loft Crag and Pike O’ Stickle



                  From the front of the Old Hotel the path starts after the first barred gate and crosses a foot bridge



Navigation is straightforward as you follow the stone track towards the heart of the Ghyll and not before long the ground

starts to rise quite steeply



                            Ste shows a clean pair of heels as he scoots on – oh for the joints of a twenty one year old !!



A first view of Harrison Stickle, the second Fell of the round and an appreciation of the leg work in store to get to those heights



                                                            A close up view of the deep ravine Ste and I were climbing and the force of Stickle Ghyll. Various points on this section

                                                            required a bit of scrambling over some quite big rocky outcrops




                                                            A quick look back over Langdale towards Windermere and an indication of the height gained after about 30 minutes or so climb




Here is one of the several “white water” crossovers we had to make




“Just checking the shutter speed Ste – wont be a minute !”




The days first objective … Pavey Arc – at 2,288 feet is Langdale’s biggest “cliff”. The notorious “Jacks Rake” can be seen cutting diagonally upwards from

                                    right to left and is the quickest and “surprisingly” the most hazardous way to the summit !!




Stickle Tarn




Which way up ?you decide !! – OK …. North Rake it is then !!!




                 Harrison Stickle from Stickle Tarn




                                                In close detail – Jack’s Rake – this is officially classified as a Rock Climb NOT a walk. It may not be much of a climb to seasoned “crag rats” but is both 

                                                difficult and awkward to the average fell walker. It offers a 400 foot ascent to the summit at an average angle of 30° but at the steepest section can be 50°




Anyhow after ascending (by the chosen route !!) a view over towards Glaramara and Kirk Fell




Made it !! – Ste on the summit perch of Pavey Arc




And down below an aerial view of Stickle Tarn




And the stunning panorama of Windermere … and Blea Tarn




After a lunch break we set off up the path towards the second summit of the day – Harrison Stickle, in so doing we passed this (presumably) make shift memorial ??

Either way it certainly was well fixed




At the summit of Harrison Stickle there were some fine views to be had ……




     Crinkle Crags                                                                           Bowfell                                                                                 Great Gable




We then set off along the path to Thorn Crag




In so doing lost a fair bit of height – here looking back to the last summit




Couldn’t possibly comment …




On our way to Thorn Crag and passing the last two “Pikes” …. Loft Crag and Pike O’ Stickle




                                                               Thorn Crag summit ….                                                and the bulk of Bowfell – standing at 2960 feet is the sixth highest fell in Lakeland




            Hopefully some sense of proportion of the height reached and the sheer near vertical drops from the edge and the deep chasms. It was a tad windy up here and this was

about as far to the edge I went !!!




                                                                        The final staircase leading up to Pike O’ Stickle – however that journey would have to come another day as a “dinner date”

                                                                        with the Fun Prevention Officer awaited us in Bowness and the present Mrs Marsh does not like to be kept waiting !!




                        Nearly back down to the Old Hotel at Dungeon Ghyll and a view across to Pike O’ Blisco                          ….. and from where we had just came down from




As we passed the Low Wood on the way back to Bowness the sun sets over Langdale and profiles the peaks perfectly





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