Walk                 : High Street

                                        Date                 : 22nd May 2012

                                        Weather           : Hot and Sunny around 25° C   

                                        Route Details    : Mardale Head, The Rigg, High Street, Thornthwaite Crag, High Street, Rampsgill Head,

                                                                                                  Kidsty Pike, Mardale Head

                                        Distance           : 10.9 miles


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                                        This is a “classic” walk – the peaceful tranquillity and stunning back drops that Haweswater has to offer is very hard to beat.

                                                            The weather forecast promised clear blue skies and prolonged sunshine … it didn’t disappoint, it was a glorious day. I arrived

                                                             at the car park at Mardale Head and was lucky to get a parking space. The ascent via the ridge of Rough Crag starting from

                                                             the Rigg and the continuing up over Long Stile was described by Wainwright as the … “Connoisseur’s route up to High Street”

                                                             …. He was right – but then again he usually was



Just on the approach Pooley Bridge, the Ullswater Steamer heads in, couldn’t resist a shot



Across the lake over to Gowbarrow Fell in the centre




I couldn’t help but stop and check the water level at the Dam Wall – I remember I had taken this piccy in 1995 when the level

dropped so dramatically during the drought that Mardale Village or the remnants of it was exposed (a rare sight).

Today though all back to normal thankfully



Here in plain view in all its glory the ridge route up to High Street from the Rigg that was to be my intended journey



Here looking towards what would be the final fell in today’s walk – Kidsty Pike (that’s the pointy bit to the right)



From the Car park you head out across the head of the Reservoir to join the path along the Rigg



The path climbs gently to the start of the ridge and the foot of Swine Crag seen here rising sharply upwards



Now starts the “hard work”



Starting to gain a little height now and my car is just a tiny dot down below



Higher up – the scramble to Heron Crag



Looking across to the steep northern face of Harter Fell



Higher still now and approaching Eagle Crag and for the first time High Street comes into view from the climb



The view backwards and the vista of Haweswater Reservoir starts to open up. When full it holds an estimated 18.6 billion

gallons of water and is owned by United Utilities



Looking over to the Nan Bield pass and you can just see the edge of Small water below



The rocky spine continues to Eagle Crag, the destination looming ever closer, but at this point still a fair bit of work to do




One cairn – two views



Long Stile and the final push to the summit




Blea Water Tarn completely still and providing a mirror finish



A quick glance back to Caspel Gate Tarn and the rocky spine just climbed




The summit trig column and time for dinner, it didn’t quite seem to me the highest point on the fell

but if the Ordnance Survey plate says it is – then it is



Either way though a cracking view of the Helvellyn range




On my last walk (The Kentmere Horseshoe) I had omitted Thornthwaite Crag from the round due to the weather.

So being as it was only a mile or so away from where I was I decided to pay a visit. The obelisk cairn is magnificent and

exactly how Wainwright depicted it in Book Two. Windermere in the background



Here looking south towards Ill Bell and its triple cairned summit



Sun rays over the Eastern Fells and in the distance on the right of the picture – faded Great Gable in the haze



From Thorthwaite Crag I returned to High Street and headed west towards Rampsgill Head



And then further round still up to Kidsty Pike



Looking back to High Street from Kidsty Pike



On the way down now and looking over Riggindale at the ridge climbed at the start



And across the head of the Reservoir back to the Rigg



More rays – nearly back down on the valley floor now



The return to the car park. At this point in the evening it was still roasting hot so it follows ….



That the only sensible thing to do was to replenish all the lost fluids and it just so happened that

this was the place to do it. Oh yesssss !!!



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