Walk : Sallows from Church Bridge Troutbeck

Date : 2nd October 2014

Weather : Brilliant sunshine, cloudless around 21C

Route Details : Church Bridge, Garburn Road, Sallows and return

Distance : @ 6 miles


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The weather forecast promised to be a fine sunny day, the last before a definite change spread west across the country from the

Atlantic signifying more or less the end of the fine weather we had been experiencing all through September. It certainly lived up

to its promise and was an ideal day to visit the neighbouring peak from Sour Howes (climbed a few days previous). The track starting

from Church Bridge in Troutbeck followed exactly the same route as the climb the other day except that it carried straight on to the

top of the Garburn Road from which easy access could be gained to the summit



Yep the 2nd of October 2014 and not a cloud in sight, and with a freshening breeze it was perfect conditions for a climb



Through the woods at the start



We headed off up the Garburn Road here looking up the Troutbeck valley



Across to the Wansfell ridge



Past the stiles in the wall on the right hand side the path continues upwards



Ste waits for us at the first barred gate. The path continues around past the old disused quarry



The remnants / scars of Applethwaite quarry



Looking back to the start of the climb



Upper centre of the shot the lofty height of Red Screes. The Kirkstone Pass weaves its way between that and the fell range in front (Caudale Moor)



Looking back to the quarry as we gain a little more height



The Coniston Fells



Down on the valley floor Troutbeck Tongue



Sod off Im just about to have dinner !!



We continue on to the second barred gate and the line of conifers ahead mark the upper reaches of the Garburn Road



Across to Crinkle Crags as we approach the high point of the road



We reach the top of the road and just past the small conifer plantation a gap in the wall on the right gives access to the open fell



Over the stile and immediately turn back on yourself and keep close to the wall to gain access to the summit ridge path



Just at the end of the wall veer left and head up over the tufted grass towards the gap between the two rock outcrops



A distinct track can be followed towards the summit. No problems today but I guess that this ground could get really boggy in winter



Ste seems pretty chuffed to have reached the summit, which itself is just a 30 foot long mound of grass !!



Sue and Ste on the summit. At this point the freshening breeze became a fairly strong gale !!



It was absolutely fantastic to be on the peak, we stayed up there for at least an hour or so, but you did need more layers on despite the sun it was cold



A view across to Sour Howes from the summit



And over across to Windermere with Morecambe Bay in the distance


Here is a 360 degree panoramic clip from the summit of Sallows .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDX2-Th6uyk it may give an idea on the strength of the wind





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