Walk                 : Sour Howes from Church Bridge, Troutbeck

                                        Date                 : 29th  September 2014

                                        Weather           : Cloudy but warm around 19° C

                                        Route Details    : Church Bridge, Garburn Road, Sour Howes and return

                                        Distance           : 3 miles


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                                        When you book a week’s holiday in the Lakes, you pays your dosh and you takes your chance weather wise – especially when you book

                                                            for the last week in September, however our week long stay in a fantastic cottage in Ambleside turned out to be an absolute gem with

                                                            with exceptionally good weather up until the day we left for home. I had planned 3 walks in the Far Eastern region, and the first of them

                                                            Sour Howes (or Applethwaite Common as it is also known as) is detailed here. The walk starts near Jesus Church, Troutbeck and takes

                                                            advantage of the gentle slope of the Garburn Road that gains height gradually as it leads towards Kentmere some three and a half miles away



Jesus Church in Troutbeck is situated just a few yards north of a free and suitable parking place for up to about half a dozen vehicles



Just slightly further up the road from the Church (though not part of the route) is Limefitt Caravan Park and an early view towards the upper

reaches of Sour Howes



Anyway, heading south over Church Bridge crossing Trout Beck



Just over the road from the bridge is the start of the Garburn Road an old Pack Horse route towards Kentmere



The path starts to rise gently through the woods



Then through the gate at the first farm building



The path swings round to the left under tree cover and from that point rarely deviates from straight making navigation quite straight forward



On the road proper now and instantly the views open up across the Troutbeck valley



The beautiful Troutbeck valley, to the right the Froswick / Ill Bell range to the left Caudale Moor and the bump in the centre

on the valley floor is Troutbeck Tongue (a completely separate Wainwright Fell in its own right)



The path continues



To the left the Wansfell /Wansfell Pike ridge



The Garburn Road track is followed until you reach a series of stiles on your right hand side. The second one over the field crosses the Dubbs Road



Sue presses on to the second stile



Once across the Dubbs Road the third stile gives access to the open fell side



A clear grass pathway skirts signifies the final push to the summit




Through the bracken and aim towards the left hand side of the rock outcrops



Looking across the Troutbeck valley and above the Wansfell ridge line to Crinkle Crags over in the Langdale valley



And further round to Scafell and Scafell Pike



Past the crags and the path swings round towards the summit, here looking back towards Windermere with Dubbs Reservoir in the foreground



Troutbeck Tongue



The stile in the wall leads on to the last part of the climb along the summit ridge path



The ridge path winds its way around a number of grassy hillocks



Nearly there – a view across to the Scafells



Made it




A slight confession to make here, the peak that we aimed for (in the multitude to chose from) was, in our opinion at a higher level that what is supposed to be the official high point.

As this peak had no cairn to boast of as such, we decided to build one of sorts …. A pretty sorry looking thing now - but who knows it could be the start of something significant in the future !!



A final view to the Ill Bell ridge as we make our way back down.


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