Walk : Wansfell (1,597ft from Nanny Lane, Troutbeck

Date : 30th January 2014

Weather : Freezing cold and overcast @ 4C


Distance : 3 miles round trip

Time Taken : 1 hour 10 mins to summit


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview





A short walk from Nanny Lane in Troutbeck along a well defined path. The actual summit is a bit of a disappointment being just a small pile of stones

which in truth is difficult to find. The summit of Wansfell Pike is in my opinion a more worthy top to visit



The walk starts near the Mortal Man pub and car parking is at a premium along the main track through the village.



A path is followed between the houses and the bottom of Nanny Lane and climbs initially quite steeply



Looking back to the Mortal Man from the track



The track continues to rise steeply



The more height we gained the colder it became, here looking across the Troutbeck Valley towards Froswick and Ill Bell



The Wansfell / Wansfell Pike ridge line



This is looking a the direct route up to Wansfell



We decide to continue along the path being the less steep option and it does lead eventually to the summit



Ste on the summit of Wansfell (Baystones)



Looking across to Red Screes from the summit



As we journed along the ridge line to Wansfell Pike you get some great views across Rydal Water towards Langdale



The summit of Wansfell Pike looking towards Windermere



Ste on the summit of Wansfell Pike


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