Walk                       : Wansfell & Wansfell pike

                                                  Date                       : 30th January 2014

                                                  Weather                 : Freezing cold and overcast    

                                                  Route Details          : Nanny Lane, Wansfell, Wansfell Pike, Nanny Lane

                                                           Distance                 : 3 miles


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                                                  In fell walking terms 2013 could be best described as complete NON ENTITY. As my journal depicts there was “bugger all” walking

                                                                           done last year, in fact the steepest hill climbed was probably from The Albert up Crag Brow to the cash till at the CoOp in Bowness !!!

                                                                           Why ???a number of reasons even though I was a regular visitor to Lakeland all throughout the year …….


1.        Working on the boat down at the Swan in Newby Bridge


2.       One of the longest, drawn out and incredibly poorly managed redundancy exercises at the Co-Operative Bank. Ill say no more

than that as they are not deserving of any kind of free publicity


3.       The worsening condition of Sue`s left knee that prevented her walking more than 200 yards. She has since had half of it

replaced with a metal one and is now looking forward to resuming fell walking without any pain (but still a lot of creaking !!)


                                                                           So yesterday presented itself as being “dry” but cold and Ste and I decided to kill two birds with one stone – visit the boat at the Swan

                                                                           to check things over and then scoot up to Troutbeck to fit in the “nice little opener” to re-acquaint ourselves with the fells and start

                                                                           the process of regaining some “fell fitness”. We chose the anti-clockwise route of Baystones (Wansfell) first followed by the traverse

                                                                           of the ridge route to Wansfell Pike as the path back down to Nanny Lane is very well defined. I have to admit I can’t see why A.W. decided

                                                                           that Baystones was in the 214 listings and the Pike was not, but hey - who can and should argue against the definitive word of the great man -

                                                                           certainly not a pleb like I.




We found a parking space just before the Mortal Man pub on the main track through the village, here just as we were getting booted

up, a view looking over to what forms one leg of the Kentmere Horseshoe, here Yoke, Ill Bell & Froswick with a fair dusting of the white stuff



The walk starts at the bottom of Nanny Lane and rises quite steeply initially



As we climb a little height looking over to the Mortal Man pub



The track continues to rise steeply, but thankfully today is navigable and not, as it could have been,  a gushing river bed



As we gained height the temperature started to drop rapidly. Here, looking across the Troutbeck valley here to Froswick and Thornthwaite Crag



Views of the ridge and the threatening sky from Nanny lane



This is looking at the ”direct” route up to Wansfell from the split in the path that takes you to Wansfell Pike if you decide to do the route anti-clockwise




We decided on going all the way up to the end of the Lane which does take you “off piste” slightly but eventually does lead you to the summit



Ste beats me to it again, as he stands on probably what is one of the more “insignificant” of Cairn tops of Wansfell (Baystones)



Over to the east and a glimpse of the High Street range and the beacon on Thornthwaite Crag to the left



And directly in front of you is the massive bulk of Red Screes that flanks the Kirkstone Pass



As we traversed along the ridge to Wansfell Pike you get some great views over towards Rydal water and the distinctive Langdale Pikes




The summit of Wansfell Pike looking back south down an impressive stretch of Windermere



A quick adjustment of the laces before we head back down to Bowness and the Ship Inn for a sizeable dinner and then several scoops of Loweswater Gold later on at The Swan

“Its GOOD to back !!!”



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