Walk                           :  Branstree (2,333ft) & Selside Pike (2,142ft)

Date                           :  4th September 2014

Weather                    :  Overcast but warm around 23°C


Distance                   : 7 miles round trip

Time Taken              : 2 hours to first summit  (Branstree)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview





The ascent I took from the roadside leading to the car park at Mardale Head was particularly tough. Steep and at times pathless through dense

bracken takes some resolve.



Driving past the north end of Ullswater on the way to Mardale



Kidsty Pike from the road leading to Mardale



This small wicket gate by the side of Hopegill Beck waterfalls is the start point for the walk



To the right of the waterfall is the faintest of grass tracks veering upwards to the right



The Beck in full flow



The path is non existent however you need to aim for “Hollow Stone” peeking up through the undergrowth



Keep parallel with the Beck until you reach the old sheep pens, at which point to tend to veer right away from it



Looking back to Haweswater and The Rigg



Its noticeable the low water levels in the reservoir



Eventually we reach Hollow Stone




Thankfully now out of the bracken and a view of the ridge leading to High Street



There is now the faintest of paths to follow upwards across the grass



Getting closer to the summit and Im desparately wanting to see Artlecrag Pike to confirm we are on the right track



At last !!!the summit is close



Whilst not the actual summit it does signify the end of a difficult ascent



Heading out north past the subsidiary cairn towards the Survey Post (the small column in the centre of the shot)



Selside Pike is just over half a mile away and the fence line connects the two summits



The Survey Post built by Manchester Corporation



Heading on to the summit of Selside Pike



The shelter cairn summit on Selside Pike



After returning back to Branstree we followed the fence line going south towards Mardale Head to get the track back down



We follow the track as it swings round back towards Haweswater



Harter Fell from the track



Nearly back down now



What Haweswater is all about



Back down at the Car Park



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