Walk                 : Place Fell from Patterdale

                                        Date                 : 5th May 2014

                                        Weather           : Overcast, hazy, poor visibility around 17°C

                                        Route Details    : Patterdale Village, Rooking, Boredale Hause and return

                                        Distance           : @ 3.5 miles


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                                        The May Bank holiday was approaching and in time honoured tradition the weather wasn’t promising, however we decided to spend

                                                            a few days on the boat at Newby Bridge and see what happened. Sunday turned out to be dry if nothing else, but a low lying haze

                                                            made visibility on the fells not the best, but you pay your money you take your chance. We decided on Place Fell as at a height of

                                                            2,154 feet it represented a more progressive challenge for Sue and her new knee after the success of Loughrigg Fell the month

                                                            previous. For me it was an excellent vantage point to take in and better understand the geography of some of the Far Eastern Fells

                                                            that I have yet to visit on my round of the 214 Wainwrights



The walk starts from Patterdale Village roughly 100 yards or so south from the White Lion pub



As we booted up at the one of the few car parking spaces at the road side the object of the days destination is in plain view



The path leads across a footbridge that crosses Goldrill Beck




Sue and Ste head on towards Rooking



Looking back towards Patterdale and the distant Sheffield Pike



At the end of the path a sign post directs you off right through a gate towards Boredale Hause



The path leads on to the open fell side



The long steady climb towards Boredale Hause which is a popular convergence point and is seen here as the low dip behind the conifers



As height is gained, the views start to open up dramatically, here Sue takes in Birkhouse Moor, Sheffield Pike and Gowbarrow



The path turns back on itself at Boredale Hause and steepens quite dramatically in parts as it leads towards the summit, here a stone staircase comes in very handy




Approaching the first obstacle of the day, Round How. Ste chose to scramble up and over, but Sue and I took the path that

leads round to  the left. This is just an easy walk over grass



Looking through the haze across the Grizedale Valley towards a snow capped Helvellyn (in May !!)



Looking back down to Boredale Hause and in the distance, Brothers Water and the Kirkstone Pass flanked by Cauldale Moor on the left and Red Screes on the right



Having navigated around Round How the summit cairn comes into view



Ste waits patiently for the “old fogeys” to catch him up on the summit approach



Place Fell summit cairn, with not too many places you can sit down comfortably at



Made it



Just the other side of the ledge we met up with a couple from Manchester and stopped to chat for a short spell. Here Ste gets acquainted with “Archie” while

we swap stories of our days excursion.



There were magnificent views from the summit even if they were shrouded in haze, to the right Helvellyn and Catstye Cam (the sharp pointy bit), Birkhouse Moor in front of those two, then

to the left, Birks and St Sunday Crag with the flat top of Fairfield in the distance



And further round south, the “cone like” Grey Crag and the massive whale back of High Street



Way down below, Patterdale and Glenridding



A last shot of the trig point with Ullswater in the back ground. The orange bag contained a small box of tricks that I think is intended for fell runners to check their

tags in along the route of their race, we saw a few of these dotted about



And finally on the way back down a picture that Sue insisted on including ….. all together now “Awww”. I thought we

had stumbled on the first “two headed” lamb to be raised in Patterdale – but what do I know !



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