Walk                 : Meal Fell, Great Sca Fell, Brae Fell, Longlands Fell

                                        Date                 : 1st  October 2015

                                        Weather           : Scorching hot, clear blue sky 20°C

                                        Route Details    : Longlands, Trusmadoor, Meal Fell, Great Sca Fell, Little Sca Fell, Brae Fell, Longlands Fell   

                                        Distance           : @ 7 miles


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                                    The Indian Summer continues into October in Lakeland, this was going to be our last scheduled walk in a busy week where we were staying in our usual Ambleside base.

                                    The Uldale Fells are very popular probably due to the linking tracks bringing in the possibility of taking in several Wainwright’s in one swoop, but for me and apart

                                    from the stunning views is the fact that you can be in the heart of such remote fells but with the reassurance of good tracks throughout. Obviously, when you have

                                    the weather that we experienced this week it can tend to colour your judgement, but having learned a bit of the geography a bit more now, I’m sure I will be re-visting

                                    this area again to complete all the fells on offer.



We were in no doubt with regard to how the weather was going to be today (Where’s the Factor 50 ??)



From the main Keswick to Carlisle road, follow the signs to Orthwaite and then onto Longlands. Beware this is a very narrow track in parts so if you are in

a car be prepared to “back track” a little for on coming vehicles. Either way, at Longlands there is parking space for a few vehicles just in front of a gate

that gives access to an old bridle road



Through the gate and an early view of what will be our final fell of the day .. Longlands



From the gate, turn right and head off down the footpath that runs parallel with Longlands Beck



The easy grass path follows the line of a stone wall



The path skirts round the base of Lowthwaite Fell and swings left




Follow the path round and cross over the River Ellen and head for a series of small hillocks that guide you towards the pass of Trusmadoor



Climbing up towards Trusmadoor



On arrival at the top of the pass, on the left is a narrow path that climbs steeply and directly towards the summit of Meal Fell

but this can be avoided for the more gentler option of staying on the main path as it bends round the northern face of the fell



Looking back to Burntod Gill from the path



Looking back towards Great Cockup



Up on ahead Ste has the summit in his sight now



The shelter cairn on the summit of Meal Fell



We had to move over to the subsidiary cairn to avoid an attack of flying ants before we could think about lunch



Looking over the Solway Firth to Scotland



Having a meal on Meal Fell


A 360 degree panorama from the summit of Meal Fell …  https://youtu.be/WknQ59kEoWc



The direct foot path to the next Fell of the day … Great Sca Fell



The make shift summit of Great Sca Fell. This is in fact a cross roads linking to a number of other Wainwright Fells



Looking towards Skiddaw from the summit



We had the great fortune of bumping into this guy who had just run down to Great Sca Fell from The Knott with his 4 legged companion.

Once a full time Fell runner alongside the great Jos Naylor, this chap had already ran 18 Kilometers !!! when he met us. No longer a

Competitor he does it just for fun now.  MUCH RESPECT and a pleasure to meet and talk to



We then hopped across to Little Sca Fell (not an official Wainwright Fell) – but a magnificent view across to Skiddaw



Our next Fell of the day we headed off Little Sca Fell due north to Brae Fell over a mile away



Approaching the summit of Brae Fell across the vast expanse




On the summit of Brae Fell and Sue turns her hand to a bit of Cairn construction



We head off down the bridleway towards Longlands Fell. It runs along the side of Lowthwaite Fell and crosses the top of Charleton Gill



Charleton Gill



Navigation is easy if you stick to the bridleway



On the summit of Longlands Fell and all this heat is getting to Sue !!


A 360 degree panoramic view from Longlands Fell summit …  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RakbH2DJFck




We descend back to Longlands down the north ridge path, here at the bottom near where we originally started, looking towards Overwater

at the end of a cracking day out on the fells



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