Walk                 : Red Screes & Middle Dodd from the Kirkstone Pass Inn

                                        Date                 : 11th  April 2015

                                        Weather           : High winds, freezing cold but dry around 7°C

                                        Route Details    : Car Park opposite Kirkstone Pass Inn, Red Screes, Middle Dodd and return

                                        Distance           : @ 3 miles


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                                        A 3D visual of the walk






                                                            After the last few days of warm sunny weather, the forecast was predicting a change back to more wintry conditions and it was right.

                                                            Fortunately, the rain held off and visibility was very good, however the drop in temperature by about 10 to 12 degrees than of recent

                                                            days and combined with very high and gusting winds gave this walk a little added edge. At 2,541 feet Red Screes is a prominent feature of

                                                            the journey along the Kirkstone Pass on it’s way to Patterdale and beyond




Taking the Kirkstone Pass road out of Windermere, this walk starts from the Car Park opposite the Kirkstone Pass Inn which is free of use. Here is an

early view of the south east ridge which presents an easier route than it initially looks



The gate at the north end of the car park gives access to the open fell side



Navigation and walking is greatly assisted by the “stone staircase” which is prominent for most of the route



Slightly further up and the path leads to the start of the South East ridge



Looking back down towards Rydal Water and Windermere in the far distance




The staircase swings round right of the crags and at this point a little rock handling is called for



Back on the stairs again as I approach the “hairpin” bend



Looking across to the sheer face of Raven Crag, by now the wind was biting cold and blowing fiercely




The scree path as it approaches the hair pin, the marker post shows the direction. At this point you have to traverse a sloping slab which under normal circumstances

would be effortless, but in this wind, a little care was needed



To give an idea of the height and exposure on the ledge, here is a view looking back down to the Inn – it’s reasonably steep !!




On the approaches to the summit



The summit shelter cairn is just a short distance away now and is a welcome break from the biting wind



A fabulous view across the Tarn over to the Scafells with Great Gable and Pillar to the right


A 360 degree panorama from the summit ….. http://youtu.be/u1wa5iCSyUA




Looking North East towards the Helvellyn range



Due north over Brothers Water towards Place Fell and Angletarn Pikes



At this point a “bit of weather” blew over from the West making the view across to Great Gable a tad murky



After a short pit stop I start the descent north heading towards Middle Dodd. The path is very well defined, here looking back to the summit Trig Point at the start of the drop



The descent down to Middle Dodd



Depending on how brave you feel, you can skirt quite closed to the edge of the ridge. In today’s wind this was close enough for me !



An idea of the scale of the drop in altitude, you can just make out the summit trig point in the centre of the shot



The summit cairn on Middle Dodd



Helvellyn still snow capped



On the way back and three Lakes in one shot …. Windermere (left), Rydal Water and Coniston Water in the distance



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