Walk : Pike O Blisco from Old Dungeon Ghyll

Date : 11th June 2015

Weather : Roasting hot around 25C

Route Details : Old Dungeon Ghyll, Wall End, Redacre Gill path, Pike O Blisco

Distance : @ 5 miles


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A 3D visual of the walk





After a dramatic downturn in health and a three week stay in hospital, Sues Dad (Peter) sadly passed away. The intervening days

being tied up with details and organisation, so on the Thursday, there was little left to do and time on the hands. We decided to just

try and clear our heads with a Lakeland walk and the weather was absolutely fantastic. Clear blue skies, hot sunshine and little

wind, hardly the conditions for labouring 2,300 feet up a mountain, but it was just what was needed. The route up Pike O Blisco from

the Old Dungeon Ghyll Hotel via Wall End is a very popular choice of many and thankfully the steep climb was assisted by a stoned path




The walk starts from the National Trust Car Park at Old Dungeon Ghyll. There is ample parking at 6 all day which goes to the Trust Maintenance coffers



Sue thinks Im joking when I point out where it is we are going up



We set off down the path to Wall End Farm, the big pyramid shielded a little by Kettle Crag in the centre of the shot being the days objective



Looking towards the head of the valley and the path towards Stool End Farm



The Langdale Pikes



You can just about make out the cairn on the summit of Pike O Blisco in the background so there is a bit of work to be done yet



Keep on the road past the farm until you come to a right angle bend to the left that climbs steeply, on your right is the start of the track that runs up Redacre Gill



The Redacre Gill path



Looking over to Crinkle Crags and The Band which is an excellent route up to the mighty Bowfell in the background



The path becomes stoned to help assist with the steepness



Looking east towards Side Pike on Lingmoor



The staircase becomes more pronounced the higher you travel and at this point crosses the Gill. The 2 locals here will feature a little later on in the walk



Looking back from the path to the Langdale Pikes



We stop for one of many water breaks in this heat and at one stage we are joined by this little fellow who was hoping that we would be tucking in to the butties by now



We also bump in to a rather sweaty cast off from the Texas Chainsaw massacre !!



Nearing the top of Redacre Gill and the final steep push to slightly easier ground



The cairned path leads through a series of rock bands some of which are like mini Bad Steps on Crinkle Crags



Summit cairn in sight after passing over the rock bands



Made it .



A view from both summit cairns



We stayed on top for a good hour or so a time for quiet reflection, private thoughts and lunch. We were joined by this guy who just wanted to catch some rays



The views were just amazing .. Crinkle Crags & the mighty Bowfell



Langdale Valley panorama


Click here for a 360 degree panoramic view http://youtu.be/A6kYMrDWYns



Looking across the Wrynose Pass towards Swirl How and Great Carrs



On the way back down and the early evening Sun cast shadows over Lakelands very own Sugar Loaf Mountain (Pike O Stickle)



We got lost on the way back to Dungeon Ghyll so the locals we bumped in to earlier led the way back



Time to put back lost fluid, reflect on the day and raise a toast to the memory of

Peter Thomas Chisnall 7th December 1941 ~ 8th June 2015

Rest in Peace


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