Walk                 : Scafell Pike from Brackenclose

                                        Date                 : 19th September 2015

                                        Weather           : Cloudy, Dry, around 14°C

                                        Route Details    : National Trust Car park, Brackenclose, Brown Tongue, Hollow Stones, Lingmell Col,

                                                                               Scafell Pike and return

                                        Distance           : @ 7 miles



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                                    I journeyed to Wasdale on what was promised to be a fine day with clear skies and sunshine in order to complete the Mosedale Horseshoe comprising

                                    of Pillar, Scoat Fell, Steeple, possibly Haycock and Red Pike. On arrival there was a thick blanket of low lying cloud preventing even sight the summit tops.

                                    Disappointed, I opted to go with the crowds and make the pilgrimage up to the “Roof of England” … Scafell Pike. The Brown Tongue route from the National

                                    Trust car park offers nothing in the way of a navigational challenge (you just follow the crowds), however the physical challenge of climbing to the highest

                                    point in England is something that every Lakeland Fell walker does not decline.



At the main car park and Camp site just before the start and the massive bulk of Kirk Fell dominates the landscape



Brighter skies towards Scafell Crag and to what was to be the change to the day’s route



The usual route from the National Trust Campsite car park follows the path that runs parallel with Lingmell Gill



Lingmell Gill in full flow as things start to get a little steeper



Crossing the Gill to follow the path up to Hollow Stones



Bugger !!the cloud base that had covered the Mosedale Horseshoe has move round



Further up the track and this woman (part of a fell race today) was absolutely flying down over the boulders



A bit of decorative Cairn building as the mist becomes even thicker, however this is not enough to deter the masses



This is by far the best way to go up to Scafell Pike, if you can find a willing volunteer !!



After reaching Lingmell Col the track turns right and heads up very steeply



After a further 30 minutes or so of strenuous slog …. A vision appears !!!!!!



Just have to negotiate Boulder Avenue ….



The Summit Cairn memorial plaque for the Lakeland War dead



The summit was heaving as the mist closes in and hides all the views



Then all of a sudden the mist lifts momentarily …. and Great Gable comes into view (just)



And to the North .. Styhead Tarn and Derwent Water in the distance



To the South just under a mile away across Mickledore is Scafell



I got out of the strong wind behind the main cairn for lunch and this fabulous view of Crinkle Crags suddenly appeared



And of course sweeping round left to Bowfell




To give an idea of conditions – on the Summit cairn with about 20 minutes in between shots and several degrees less




The trig point on Scafell Pike – note the dog tag anchored to the top. It read …………..


A 360 degree summit panorama ….  https://youtu.be/cklu2493MTc



Derwent Water / Keswick and the Skiddaw massif



My initial intended route .. the Mosedale Horseshoe now cloud free



I stayed on the summit for the best part of two hours – it was packed with people all the time coming and going and later on in the day the mist cleared.

Well worth the wait in my opinion




With great reluctance it was approaching time to vacate to allow enough light to get down safely. Here heading back down to Lingmell Col



Further down the track and a close up on Scafell with what I believe to be the “Lords Rake” route. An adventurous way to the summit



A shimmering Wast Water from the path down



Back down to just before the Car Park and Kirk Fell is about to get shrouded




Where have all the views gone ?



Unfortunately leaving Wasdale feeling elated - at the end of another fantastic days walking in Lakeland


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