Walk                           :  Graystones (1,476 ft), Broom Fell (1,670 ft) & Lords Seat (1,811) from Spout Force car park, Scawgill Bridge

Date                           :  27th September 2015

Weather                    :  Scorching hot, clear blue skies  @  20°C


Distance                   : 7 miles round trip

Time Taken              : 1 hour 20 mins to first summit (Graystones)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview





An Indian Summer in Lakeland greeted our stay at the usual cottage in Ambleside. This walk took us for the first time to the Whinlatter Forest in the

Northwest region. Good paths on the forest throughout and an adventurous route back through the “jungle” made this a memorable walk



The walk starts from the fee of charge Spout Force car park just by Scawgill Bridge off the Whinlatter Pass



About 400 yards after the gate a path leading down to the forest trail emerges on the left



Heading off down the forest trail



Keep on the track as it meanders through the forest



Beware of the Giant Slugs !!



An early view of Graystones



Keep on the path until it comes to a T Junction. It seems obvious to swing right, however ignore that urge and bear left to pick up a footpath that

runs alongside a row of chopped down trees



Keep on the path until you reach a wire fence that journeys steeply upward



Looking across to the Loweswater Fells from the track



At the fence turn right and prepare for a steep climb



The Skiddaw range from the steep climb



A quick rest and drinks break at the rock outcrop



Looking over to Mellbreak in the centre background



We carry on up the path as it swings round and upwards



Approaching the summit of Graystones



Ste on the summit of Graystones



The Skiddaw range from the summit .. Click here for a 360 degree view … https://youtu.be/fa3PTcOYHnY



A track that heads North East down from the summit towards the fringe of the Darling How plantation leads on to the second

fell of the day … Broomfell



Skirting the edge of the plantation, the track leads on to Broom Fell



Approaching the summit



A magnificent cairn adorns the top



Sue eyes up the track leading to Lords Seat



The path to Lords Seat



The summit cairn on Lords Seat



We decide to hike back to Broom Fell and follow the fence down towards the Aiken Plantation



The path down is steep through heather



Yes Sue .. Its steep however there is a discernable path



It may look like a jungle but there is a path to follow



Eventually … the path leads straight back to the track that we started on



                                                                              This walk is dedicated to the memory of Brother Anthony Rothwell FSC

                                                                              A De La Salle Brother and lovely man, who will be sadly missed by all

                                                                              those who had the pleasure to know him (10 Nov 1939 to 24 Aug 2015)

                                                                                                                            Rest in Peace




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