Walk                 : Lingmell from Brackenclose

                                        Date                 : 5th September 2015

                                        Weather           : Fine and Sunny, around 17°C

                                        Route Details    : National Trust Car park, Brackenclose, Brown Tongue, Hollow Stones, Lingmell and return

                                        Distance           : @ 5 miles



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                                        At over 2,600 feet, Lingmell though not a tiddler is surrounded by some of Lakeland’s giants, chiefly Scafell Pike & Scafell to the East and Kirk Fell and Great Gable

                                                            to the North. The promised fine weather certainly brought the crowds out to Wasdale, and this was an ideal opportunity to get some experience of climbing in this

                                                            region and start to get familiar with the geography of the surrounding fells and passes. The route from the NT car park at Brackenclose that follows the natural feature

                                                            of Lingmell Gill as it cuts through Brown Tongue is an excellent route with a clearly defined path that is primarily aimed at the hoards of climbers  making their way up

                                                            to Scafell Pike and Scafell



Just before the turn off to the National Trust car park, we stop off to take in the classic Wasdale Head view. Lingmell is just right of centre



There are plenty of parking spaces at a cost of £6 for the whole day and this is the start point of the walk



Leave the car park at the bottom end and head for the bridge



Follow the path round as it swings left to lead out to an open field



Cross the open field to a gate that gives access to the start of Brown Tongue



Through the gate and looking back towards Wast Water



The start of the track that runs parallel to Lingmell Gill. Ste leads the way.



Keep on the track until you get to the natural crossing point of the Gill. No major difficulty today,  however when the Gill is in full flow

there is the possibility of ending up with a soggy boot. Once traversed, just follow the yellow brick road



On the track properly now and it was extremely busy.



The first objective is to Hollow Stones which lies a good way further up underneath Scafell Crags (centre) and Black Crags



At the start of Hollow Stones. Whilst it can be a bit of a boulder highway the journey through is well cairned and leads towards the next objective that is Lingmell Col



Higher up and the loose scree slope in the centre leads to the foot of Lords Rake which is quite exhilarating but relatively safe way up Scafell



Looking back towards Wast Water, the Irish Sea and the Isle of Man



Keep on the track as far as Lingmell Col at which point you will leave the throngs heading right bound for the Pike and turn left across an open field and head towards a broken wall.

The path up to Lingmell can now be seen quite clearly



Sue half way up the path. In the background is Broad Crag.



Just slightly further round behind us and you can see the masses heading their way up to the Pike summit (the little blob in the centre)



Pretty soon the summit of Lingmell comes in to view



Looking across to the summit of the highest point in England



And further back to the second highest point (Scafell)




Looking North – the South face of Great Gable towering at just over 2,900 feet



We break out for lunch and Sue has found a very comfortable armchair and gets camped down for a while



Lad & Dad in front of Scafell Pike



I ventured round to the North face of the summit and below is the dramatic sight that is Piers Gill. This was as close to the edge that I was going to dare




In the meantime people seem to be bedding down for the night !



Below Sty Head tarn and Blencathra in the far distance



And still, there is an orderly queue of climbers waiting to have their pictures taken on Scafell Pike summit cairn



Panoramic view from left to right – Broad Crag, Scafell Pike, Mickledore, Scafell & Illgill Head


A 360 degree panoramic clip … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=usJeeIKVn88



The sun starts to drop and casts shadows over the Mosedale Horseshoe with Pillar on the right of the sky line still just catching the light. We reluctantly start the descent back to Wasdale



Heading back down



Surprisingly on our way down we were met by dozens of walkers on their way up !!!at approximately 7.30pm. We later discovered that there were a

number of groups doing the 24 hour 3 peak challenge and they had already completed Ben Nevis



A close up on Scafell on the way back down



Dusk over Wast Water as we just about get down before darkness descends at the end of another memorable day on the Fells


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