Walk : Troutbeck Tongue

Date : 7th April 2015

Weather : Warm sunshine, thin cloud around 16C

Route Details : A592 just north of Church Bridge, Ings Lane, Hagg Bridge, The Tongue and return

Distance : @ 5 miles


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A 3D visual of the walk





I am pretty ashamed to admit that we are now into April and this is my first fell walk of the year. I do have a million and one excuses

but in truth, circumstances have always seemed to get in the way and when its family, then they have to take priority.

The beginning of Easter had promised some decent weather and combined with a generous two and a bit weeks off work, Lakeland was

begging a visit - initially to take the winter covers off the boat at The Swan in Newby Bridge and even more importantly, to re-acquaint

ourselves with the Fells of the Far Eastern region. We thought that Troutbeck Tongue was a nice little excursion to break us back in to

walking up steep slopes, and we were right its a little gem




The walk starts from the A592 just past Church Bridge heading towards the soon to be re-opened Queens Head (after the fire left

it an empty shell last year). There is space for about 6 or 7 cars heading north just before the Ings Lane turn off that leads down

to the valley floor



After about a quarter of a mile due north the public footpath to take is sign posted



The path, boggy in places gently meanders its way down to the floor of the Troutbeck Valley.



Clear blue skies as we look across the valley over to the disused Applethwaite Quarry and the Garburn track cutting across from right to left



The Fun Prevention Officer gets a wiggle on as we approach Troutbeck Park farm



Dinner time !!



Continuing on down the path as we approach Ings Bridge over Trout Beck



The remarkably clear Trout Beck



The first clear view of the days objective, Troutbeck Tongue at 1191 feet a little un compared to its more loftier neighbours of Froswick & Ill Bell



Crossing Hagg Bridge and two very strange shadows !!



Pretty soon after the bridge, an open stile and dismantled electric fence gives way to a faint grass path cutting across open pasture land

we follow this up to the intake wall



In the meantime some of the locals prefer to take it a little more easier its a hard life eating grass all day



Through the stile at the intake wall which leads on to an old cart track at which point you take a right turn



The track sweeps round to the south ridge of the Tongue leading up to Hagg Gill



Follow the track up to the first gate where a faint grass path on the left leads on to the start of the steep climb up the south ridge



Follow the grass path up to the stile that crosses the fence, be prepared for some very boggy ground



The start of the steep climb. The path initially is not very good but soon improves a little higher up



Higher up and a series of foot holes assist the climb towards the rocky spine of the south ridge



A brief glimpse back down the beautiful Troutbeck Valley Its so tranquil here



Higher up to the stile that takes you onto the summit approach



The summit cairn of the left hand side of the shot comes in to view



Sue, just yards away from the summit cairn



Looking back south to Windermere from the summit cairn



Looking north towards Caudale Moor on the left, Thornthwaite Crag on the right and Gray Crag just peeping over Threshthwaite Mouth



High above the summit of Froswick



A decent view of Windermere to the south



A full view of the steep ups and downs of Yoke, Ill Bell, Froswick & Thornthwaite Crag that form one part of the Kentmere Horseshoe



Looking west and the massive bulk of Red Screes towers over the Caudale Moor ridge



In the far distance the Scafell range. A great day in Lakeland with glorious weather and the promise of more to come in 2015 !!!



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