Walk                 : White Side, Raise, Stybarrow Dodd

                        Date                 : 18th  March 2016

                        Weather           : Dry and fine with cloud inversion

                        Route Details    : Thirlspot Farm, Brown Crag, White Side, Raise, Stybarrow Dodd, Sticks Pass return

                        Distance           : @ 7.5 miles


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                        A quite remarkable day weather wise in the Eastern region of the Lake District, three Wainwright fells all over 2,500 feet

                                    and the most amazing (and my first witnessed) temperature inversion, made this walk from Thirlspot on the A591 (still closed)

                                    a really memorable one


                                    A 3d view of the walk





Due to the remaining closure of the A591 at Grasmere I had to journey via the Kirkstone Pass through Glenridding

and Dockray to get onto the A66 Keswick bound, to then pick up the A591 at other side to journey as far back up

to the road closure signs at Thirlspot. On the way I came across the inversion that was hanging over the Central and

Eastern region, this shot being right at the very edge of it



The starting point of the walk, I parked on the grass verge at the side of the A591 and here looking back North you can see the

other edge of the inversion with Blencathra peeping out over the top



The walk starts on the path leading through Thirlspot Farm



Through the farm and across the fields to a gate in the retaining wall on the far side



Through the gate and access is gained to the open fell by crossing the Thirlmere Reservoir water race



The water race



Through the final gate and things start to get fairly steep from here on in



Knowing what I know now,  my advice would be to head across to the wire fence and “pull your way” up the steep fell side rather than do as I actually

did and use an intermittent stone path (formally part of the old Pony route)



Looking North across to Skiddaw and Blencathra, now slightly more visible



Close up on the Skiddaw range. The empty A591 below



Looking back towards Thirlmere and in the far distance Great Gable and the Scafells



The wired fence and the stone wall come to an end, and the journey carry’s on over grass still quite steeply, heading towards Brown Crag.

The aim here is to head for a marker cairn at the left hand side of the Crag to save climbing over it




The marker cairn. From here strike a route inwardly away from Brund Gill that runs parallel to the slope on your left hand side.

Head to the right and round the base of Brown Crag



Looking right to the towering slope of Browncove Crags and eventually to Helvellyn Lower Man



Baked in sunshine and blue skies, The Scafells



At this point the path disappears somewhat and the going can be somewhat heavy over the sodden grass



Higher up and a series of marker cairns help to keep you on track



From the final main cairn, the summit (shrouded in mist) becomes visible



And eventually … the summit cairn shelter



Wow !! at 2,830 odd feet I find myself at the summit and just above the cloud inversion. Helvellyn and Swirral edge prominent above the cloud layer



Looking North to the steep ridge leading up to Helvellyn Lower Man



Catstye Cam peeping out of the clouds on the left


Click here for a 360 degree panoramic view from the summit … https://youtu.be/TE-ZNDBumEo



Looking South West towards Great Gable



From the summit I headed roughly North East towards the second fell of the day … Raise at 2,889 feet. A clear foot path

can be followed all the way with little difficulty.



Within minutes of my journey over to Raise, the inversion returns and starts to cover the previously clear Catstye Cam



Approaching the summit cairn of Raise



Get a wiggle on … its coming back in thick and fast



Looking back to Helvellyn Lower Man from the summit cairn


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Raise … https://youtu.be/zMOXvFxIAIM




Close up of Helvellyn



Looking North West towards Keswick



The footpath towards the flat topped Stybarrow Dodd at 2,770 feet and my last fell of the day.



The path running across my route to the summit is Sticks Pass and that will be my route back down after



It’s difficult to tell which is the higher cairn on the summit of Stybarrow Dodd. There is this one that is directly off the main path up



Or there is this one about a quarter of a mile further East. I did regret visiting this one as the mist came in and navigation

back down to the main path became quite tricky !!!



Thankfully back out of the pea souper just before I descend down Sticks …



As I journeyed back down the cloud started to move in for keeps – here looking North towards Bassenthwaite Lake

Overall though, a fantastic day out on the Fells, only one thing left to do now ….



A visit to the Keswickian …. and why not !!!!!




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