Walk                 : Carl Side, Long Side and aborted attempt of Ullock Pike

                        Date                 : 25th  April 2016

                        Weather           : Dry, variable cloud, bitterly cold strong northerly wind @ 4° C

                        Route Details    : From MillBeck via Doups

                        Distance           : @ 6 miles return trip

                        Time Taken       : 2 hours 45 mins



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                        We started the journey out from the cottage in Ambleside to North Lakeland in sleet and snow, and not much

                                    in the way of confidence that we would be walking today, however when we reached the A66 from the journey

                                    via Dockray (due to the closure of the A591) there was a change of weather and whilst it was bitterly cold the

                                    skies had cleared and there was the promise of even a bit of sunshine


                                    A 3d view of the walk






From the A66 Keswick bound take the A591 north towards MillBeck. A narrow road through the village

provides parking for a few cars just opposite a track that leads out to the open fellside



Take the path that is sign posted to Skiddaw



The path very soon reaches a “Y” junction, avoid the obvious stone track to the right that leads

to CarlSide col and Skiddaw, and take the left fork across grass towards Doups



Following the grass path. Skiddaw Little Man in the background



The path leads to a specially constructed signposted detour that is part of the “Fix the Fells” program, and thankfully

removes some of the steepness by a series of zigzags



On the zigzags



Looking across to the North Western Fells, Grizedale Pike, Causey Pike & Cat Bells



Climbing steadily towards Doups. Ste has to wait for the slow coaches to catch up



Nearing the top of Doups and the path carries on upwards over White Stones. No navigation problems at all



At the top of White Stones and a little breather for from the steep climb. Derwent Water & Keswick in the background



The climb starts in earnest now up to the marker cairn along the southern ridge of Carl Side



Skiddaw Little Man from the path



Looking back to Derwent Water from the upper reaches of the path



The welcome sight of the marker cairn and easier slopes to the left. At this point the winds picked up

and the temperature dropped severely



On the approach slope to the summit



The summit of Carl Side at 2,420 feet ….. freezing cold !!!!!


A 360 degree view from the summit of Carl Side … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rP0SI8vUuDU



Looking south to the North western fells



Normally after the first summit we tend to bed down and have lunch – but it was just too cold to stay on top. So we head off west to the

next summit of Long Side just over half a mile away.



Sue and Ste on the summit of Long Side. The Scottish hills in the background


A 360 degree view from the summit of Long Side … https://youtu.be/8DU7Kz4hIFI



The path to Ullock Pike in the centre, Bassenthwaite Lake to the left. At this point the winds became dangerously strong

and we decided that discretion was to be the better part of valour as standing up straight was very difficult especially

on such a narrow ridge



An ingenious but scary path up to the summit of Skiddaw, a fairly hard core route in this wind



The journey back down ….



Derwent Water at dusk



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