Walk                 : The Wast Water Screes (Whin Rigg, Illgill Head)

                        Date                 : 27th  April 2016

                        Weather           : Dry, variable cloud, cold strong northerly wind @ 5° C

                        Route Details    : From Irton Park via Irton Fell

                        Distance           : @ 7 miles return trip

                        Time Taken       : 2 hours 15 mins



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                        The dramatic site of the Wast Water Screes from the approach road to Wasdale Head gives the impression that the walking

                                    on the tops of Whin Rigg and Illgill Head would be very difficult, but in fact the route from the Eskdale Green road from Santon

                                    Bridge via Irton Park is relatively gentle and a fine route up to some breath taking views


                                    A 3d view of the walk





            On the right hand side of the road between Santon Bridge and Irton Park there is a large area set aside for free car parking

this is the start point of the walk.



A few yards further on is a rough track that leads through the Irton Park plantation and skirts the base of Irton Pike



Through the trees and the base of Irton Pike



A short distance along and the path splits. Take the right hand fork and follow the wall along side the boundary of Miterdale Forest



Due to the Ash Dieback outbreak, sadly a large number of trees have had to be felled



Eventually a gate is reached that gives access to the open fell and the first object, that of Irton Fell



The ground is very boggy here so it’s best to keep by the wall where a stone track helps progress



A gate through an intake wall leads to the summit of Irton Pike



At the summit of Irton Pike and a clear view of the path leading to Whin Rigg summit



Approaching the summit



The summit shelter cairn provides some respite from the biting cold wind


A 360 degree view from the summit of Whin Rigghttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8iUKznYZK2M



Looking up towards Wasdale Head



Summit of Whin Rigg



On the track up to Illgill Head



Skirting the edge of one of the many precipitous gills carved into the face of the Screes



Looking back along the edge to Whin Rigg



The summit of Illgill Head


A 360 degree view from the summit of Illgill Head  https://youtu.be/UTWchiEPxWU



Looking out over the Irish Sea and a large area of “weather” blowing in our way



L to R … Yewbarrow, Kirk Fell & Great Gable




On the right … Scafell in the distance



Wast Water



Looking out over the Irish Sea and the area of “weather” has drifted north towards the Scottish coast thankfully




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