Walk                 : Bowscale Fell (2,306 ft) & Bannerdale Crags (2,230 ft)

                        Date                 : 30th June 2016

                        Weather           : Dry @ 13° C

                        Route Details    : From Bowscale via Bowscale Tarn

                        Distance           : @ 7.1 miles return trip

                        Time Taken       : 75 mins to Bowscale Fell summit



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                        This walk was notable in that Bannerdale Crags became my 100th Wainwright summit. The walk itself is indeed a fine one and the

                                    gentle slope leading up to Bowscale Tarn takes a lot of the labour away from getting up to over 2,000 feet


                                    A 3d view of the walk





From the A66 heading away from Keswick, take the road signposted to Mungrisedale and head for the tiny hamlet of Bowscale

Just before a row of cottages there is space on the right for several cars to park freely



Take the stone track that leads past some farm buildings



Through the gate to gain access to the open fell side



An early view of Bowscale Fell from the track



The Caldew Valley from the track



The track climbs very gently towards the Col that’s leads on towards Bowscale Fell’s Northern ridge




Looking across the valley to Carrock Fell



At the point where the track swings left towards Bowscale Tarn



Bowscale Tarn



Sue and Ste pause to take in the fine view



She thinks we are joking when we reveal the next bit of the climb ……



Yep, that’s it Sue, 400 feet up there via the hairpin path. The path itself is very narrow in parts with a steep drop

and requires a little care, especially when coming down



Half way up and a good view of Bowscale Tarn




The upper reaches of the track to gain the North ridge



The start of the North ridge leading to the summit



Looking over to Blencathra from the ridge



A clear track is easily followed to the summit



Looking back towards Skiddaw



The summit shelter cairn on Bowscale Fell



Looking across to the next fell …. Bannerdale Crags



Looking towards the summit of Blencathra





Following the edge towards Bannerdale Crags. Care would be required in mist for sure



Its quite a steep drop and the path leads very close to the edge



Ste on the summit of Bannerdale Crags



Behind Blencathra



I’m not sure if this is the true summit – its hard to tell, but just in case



100 up !!!!!!  yeah !!!only 114 to go L





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