Walk                 : Grey Knotts (2,287 ft), Brandreth (2,344ft) & Green Gable (2,603 ft)

                        Date                 : 6th August 2016

                        Weather           : All four seasons in one day !!!

                        Route Details    : From Honister Slate Mine

                        Distance           : @ 5 miles return trip

                        Time Taken       : 65 mins to Grey Knotts summit (4 hours in total)



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                        If I have learned anything at all since walking the Lakeland fells it is be prepared for any kind of weather. When we set off

                                    early morning from St Helens, people were preparing for barbecues and sun bathing. We loaded up on water expecting it to

                                    be a really hot and sweaty climb, arriving at the Honister Slate Mine, the crowds were out in force to watch the Borrowdale

                                    Fell Race over some 27km and over six and a half thousand feet in climb. It was hot with a light breeze and clear skies.


                                    On reaching Green Gable en route to Great Gable we turned back to escape the 40 odd mile an hour winds pea soup mist and

                                    torrential rain with mixed in hail stone. Yes .. we were in Lakeland alright


                                    A 3d view of the walk





The walk starts at the Honister Slate mine Car park, which due to the Fell race was full to bursting

Here you can see the Fell runners having come down from Brandreth heading up towards Dale Head



Passing through the spectator area at the front of the shop



From the back of the shop area in front of the Slate workshops a stoned path follows the

line of an old fence that in fact leads directly to the summit of Grey Knotts



By and large, the stone track is an excellent way to gain height with no major navigational difficulties

Whilst the ground can be a bit boggy in places, just stick to the line of the fence



The path steers through a rock cutting



Looking right across to the south face of Fleetwith Pike



Looking behind from the path and Blencathra can be seen over the Dale Head / High Scawdell range



A quick pit stop and drink en route to the summit



As we continue on … more runners heading down to Honister



Sue and Ste on the summit of Grey Knotts


A 360 degree view from the summit of Grey Knotts … https://youtu.be/LlfWmuKdL84



Looking over to Buttermere and Crummock Water …. Stunning !!



Looking South West to the next summit of the day … Brandreth and towering in the background is Great Gable



Seeping in slowly, the thick blanket of mist. At this point and out of nowhere the breeze that we started in

at Honister had suddenly turned into a 40 plus miles an hour gale !!



To the North West a stunning view of Haystacks (front) and the High Stile range with Mellbreak at the side

of Crummock Water in the distance



Looking over to Ennerdale Water



Approaching the series of summit cairns dotted about on the top of Brandreth




The highest of all the fell top cairns on Brandreth just exactly as Wainwright sketched

in the 1966 published Western Fell pictorial guide


A 360 degree panoramic view from the summit of Brandreth … https://youtu.be/9Vyw0pLlHFE




Heading South off the of the top of Brandreth towards Green Gable.



The path is very easy to follow and extremely well cairned in its latter stages

(Where has all the blue sky gone ??)



Sue and Ste on the summit of Green Gable, and in the background what was soon to be the last

view of Great Gable before the mist came in. At this point it was fairly difficult to stand up straight



OMG, The mist is coming in rapidly, the wind is howling and this guy is climbing up the sheer North face of Great Gable

You have to admire the guts of these guys but at the same time wonder if they are completely loopy

I sincerely hope that when the rain came they were safely on top



A bunch of walkers descending Great Gable down to Windy Gap as the mist comes in even more



Bugger !!! … time to put the camera away and beat a retreat back down



When I was coming up to Green Gable I couldn’t see the point of having so many cairns on what was an

obvious track, but I was certainly glad of them on the way back down



Just peeping through the mist … Buttermere and Crummock Water



Looking down through the Ennerdale Valley and at this point it started raining



and some !!!



Looking back to Green Gable from the path back down, shortly before it too, was shrouded in mist



A lingering last look back. It was pointless trying to shelter as it was not possible to get anymore

soaking wet than we were already !!!



Back down at the shop at Honister, thankfully no one around to see three drowned rats creating a whole heap of laundry

for when we got back home.  I just hope there was no CCTV pointed at our makeshift changing room as I would hate to go

viral on YouTube or something !!!



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