Walk                           :  Black Fell (1,056 feet) from Borwick Lodge

Date                           :  13th April 2017

Weather                    :  Heavy cloud @ 11°C high winds on fell tops


Distance                   :  3.5 mile round trip

Time Taken              :  1 hour to summit, 2.5 hours in total


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview





A belting little walk not a million miles away from where we were staying in Clappersgate for the week. You could probably combine

this jaunt with a spot of lunch at the Drunken Duck just outside Hawshead. For a tiny fell the views are spectacular



There is very limited parking at the side of the road that leads south from Clappersgate towards Knipe Fold and Hawkshead

and just beyond the lane leading up to Borwick Lodge



Initially on tarmac this soon gives way to stones as it leads upwards past the Lodge



Looking north towards Red Screes and Wansfell Pike



The track continues through Iron Keld.



Ignore this track that is sign posted to Sunny Brow and carry on along the main path



Just politely ask this fellow to shift and he will do ….. eventually !!!



The track continues through the glade which has recently seen quite a bit of de-forestation of its tall pines




Eventually a gate is reached that signifies a right turn and an end to the gradual climb



The track leads directly to the open fell side



Follow the series of marker cairns



The views immediately open up across to the Langdale Pikes and Pavey Ark in the north



and Whetherlam and Coniston Old Man (shrouded) to the south



The path leading to the summit



Ste on the summit of Black Fell



The Langdale Pikes and Pavey Arc in close up



Looking south to Esthwaite water



Ambleside and the High Street range in the background … Froswick, Yoke. Ill Bell leading on to Thornthwaite Crag



Team shot on the summit of Black Fell. In AW’s write up in Book Four (The Southern Fells) he made mention of the National Trust name plate … I quote …..


“ .. this has been defaced by the scratched initials of visitors of the type who seem to see in this practice a chance of immortality. It must be readily conceded that,

  for people of such mentality, probably it is their only chance”  !!!! J J - the pen is mightier than the sword


A 360 degree panoramic view from the summit of Black Fell … https://youtu.be/0nG3p9Vi6ew



Looking east towards Windermere and Low Wood Bay just left of centre




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