Walk                           :  Grike (1,596 feet) & Crag Fell (1,710 feet) from Scaly Moss via the old Mine road

Date                           :  3rd October 2017

Weather                    :  Cloudy, just about Dry @ 13°C – rain ever threatening


Distance                   :  6 miles round trip

Time Taken              :  1 hour 20 mins to summit, @ 2.5 hours in total


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




Our week long stay in Ambleside was on the whole one of the wettest that we have experienced for some time, it rained most days.

However, the Tuesday was forecast as dry until mid evening so we took the opportunity to visit the remote Ennerdale region in the West to

climb Grike and follow the ridge route to Crag Fell. Overall, very easy climbing, the ridge to Crag Fell was a tad boggy in parts which can

be largely avoided by staying right along the route close to the fence. Other than that no problems at in both navigation and climbing



Follow the signs from the A66 towards Ennerdale Bridge and roughly two miles further on the terrain opens out, this is Scaly Moss. The walk

starts at a clearly sign posted foot path for Red Beck some three miles away. There is free parking for a small number of vehicles



Starting out from the roadside footpath



Looking north towards Blake Fell from the path



The path climbs gently upwards to a gate, through which heads along a fire break cut through a very fine plantation of Pine trees



The path continues for about another half mile or so and leads to an opening



Upon reaching the steel gate turn right and follow the stony track for a very short distance



No … it’s behind you … just follow it round … trust me !!



Follow the track round and take the first branch off to the left



The old mine road leads to the South West slopes of Grike, however a newer and more direct path can be taken further on down. This area has undergone

an intense tree felling activity and the scars are plain to see



The newer more direct path to the summit is over the stile by the side of the gate



Once over the stile a grass path climbs steadily and leads to a wire fence. The summit is very close now



Looking back towards the west coastline and Sellafield in the distance



Ste reaches the summit – just a short distance after the fence



The summit cairn and a very welcome wind shelter – I can tell you it was much needed on top !!


Click here for a 360 degree panoramic view from the summit … https://youtu.be/1XRIjupjCwU



Looking out towards Blake Fell on the left and in the right foreground Great Borne. The northern edge of Ennerdale Water just visible



Bill & Ben the flower pot men seeking refuge from the wind !



Looking across to the second fell of the day … Crag Fell. The summit cairn just visible



Low flying manoeuvres ….




Following the track south to Crag Fell




The track drops down to go past a communications mast and it’s here where the ground gets very boggy. Best to keep towards the fence



The final climb to the summit ..



Summit cairn on Crag Fell


Click here for a 360 degree panoramic view from the summit … https://youtu.be/tiYZi5Q8GsI



Now the views really open up to the south. Pillar and Steeple on the right and Starling Dodd to Red Pike, High Stile, High Crag ridge on the left



Looking north towards Blake Fell and Carling Knott



Sue and Ste take in the marvellous views up the Ennerdale Valley




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