Walk                           :  Souther Fell (1,680 feet) from The Mill Inn Mungrisedale

Date                           :  10th January  201

Weather                    :  Horrible, low cloud, poor visibility, mist @ 4°C


Distance                   :  3 miles round trip

Time Taken              :  1 hour 15 mins to summit


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




The original intention today was to climb Carrock Fell and  take the ridge to High Pike. When we arrived at the start you couldn`t really

see too far and there was a big bank of mist and horrible weather closing in from the north, so we headed back south and climbed Souther Fell

It wasn`t too long before the weather system caught up with us on its journey south and this left us on top of the summit with nothing to see

The climb itself was very straightforward and easy to navigate when on the ridge line, the views of Blencathra would have been stunning

but today was not to be.




I had originally thought about doing some of the fells in the Central region, but plumped for the Northern area. Oh how I wished we had have gone with the original instinct as we drove

past Thirlmere and a lovely little temperature inversion



After abandoning the intended route of Carrock Fell and High Pike we doubled back to Mungrisdale and parked on the verge just past the Mill Inn



Walking back towards the Pub cross over the new footbridge that crosses the River Glenderamackin



Once over the bridge, turn left and follow the tarmac road up to a gate



Through the steel gate and turn sharp right to pick up a boggy track that runs parallel with the fence



Follow the track round as it veers to the right



Once the track swings round you can see the start of the ridgeline. There are a number of places along the path where you can get on to it



The one we chose was just after the trees in the previous picture. Once on the ridge the path is clearly well defined



Looking back South towards Clough Head from the path



The path navigates in and around a number of rocky outcrops



At this point you should be able to start seeing the drama of Blencathra and its ridges, however the weather was starting to close in. Here only the Tongue of Bowscale Fell is clearly visible



The grass track climbs steeply as it crosses over a number of “false summits”



At last the summit comes in to view but at this point the mist is starting to close in



Closer still and as you can see there are no navigational difficulties



Bugger !!!here it comes ….



The area of Lower Bannerdale



Where has everywhere gone ???



The final pull to the summit flattens out



Yuk !!!



A bit of Blencathra … but only just !!!



Sue and Ste on the summit .. but you really wasn’t able to tell


Its hardly worth it but for the sake of consistency here is a 360 degree view from the summit !!!!  https://youtu.be/R7rpxZ7GLSA



And then there was nowt … time to get down and to the Pub



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