Walk : A Coniston Round from Walna Scar Car park Coniston Old Man (2,633 ft), Brim Fell (2,611 ft)

Swirl How (2,630 ft), Great Carrs (2,575 ft), Grey Friar (2,536 ft), Wetherlam (2,502 ft)

Date : 11th June 2018

Weather : Sunny, scorching hot @ 25C


Distance : 12 miles round trip

Time Taken : 7 hours (including stops)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview



Clear blue skies and soaring temperatures all the way for this our second walk of our holidays. The route we took was clockwise starting from the car park

on the Walna Scar Road that leads steeply out of Coniston from the Sun Hotel. In my opinion it is better to do the walk clockwise as the initial pull the other

direction to the summit of Wetherlam is both steep and in some parts pathless, with a very steep climb up Prison Band to reach the other side of the horseshoe


Starting out from the Car Park at Walna Scar. A cloudless sky and the choice climb of many people today



The well marked Quarry path sets out and climbs steadily initially on its way through the mine workings towards Low Water



A good view of part of the Horseshoe with a distant Swirl How to the left and the fall of Prison Band leading to Swirl Hause with Wetherlam on the right



Passing The Bell



Wetherlam from the path



Higher on up the path as it meanders towards the old Mine works



Looking back to the car park



The path turns back on itself as it starts to get steeper and rockier underfoot as it passes the base of Black Fells



The path turns into the route of the old winding gear as it approaches Saddlestone Main Bank



The remains of the old quarry site office



The remains of the old winding gear



First sight of Low Water and today a fine resting place to cool down a little



The path leading to the ridge line



The imposing north face wall of Coniston Old Man



Looking down on Low Water from the ridge ascent path. Levers Water reservoir peeping out in the background



The path twists and turns on itself as it climbs steadily upwards to the ridge. At one point it opens up on the east side to give a magnificent view of Lake Coniston



Looking towards Swirl How from the ridge path



Not far to the summit from here now



Team shot from the summit of Coniston Old man


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Coniston Old Man https://youtu.be/lYrIoz9cOlg



A popular spot for lunch



The summit cairn in all its` glory



The imposing site of the north face of Dow Crag from the summit of Old Man



After a lengthy stay for lunch we head off along the ridge for the second fell of the day Brim Fell. The Scafells forming the back drop



Looking down at the route of ascent to the Old Man from the path to Brim Fell



Looking back to Coniston Old Man from the path



Brim Fell summit with the way ahead west towards Swirl How


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Brim Fell https://youtu.be/jWRx1xIjXf8



Looking back and the quite severe drop from Brim Fell to Levers Hause



Looking ahead to Swirl How and in the background Great Carrs



Looking back to Brim Fell and Coniston Old man summits from the path to Swirl How



As we journey to Swirl How looking north to the path leading down Prison Band to Swirl Hause and then up to Wetherlam. We will be following this

route later on in the walk



Approaching Swirl How summit



Sue and Ste on the summit of Swirl How


Click here to see a 360 degree view from the summit of Swirl How https://youtu.be/G6tXXFArQxc



The short journey to Great Carrs from Swirl How



En route to Great Carrs and we pass the monument at the site of the crash and remains of the Halifax Bomber on October 22nd 1944



Sue racing ahead to be first to the summit of Great Carrs


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Great Carrs https://youtu.be/dpCVvLLgDwU



I leave Sue & Ste on the summit of Great Carrs whilst I make the mile long journey to Grey Friar and return. An easy path largely on grass



The summit cairn on Grey Friar


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Grey Friar https://youtu.be/PHeIUs2bQ18



Journeying back to Swirl How we descend to Swirl Hause via Prison Band to climb Wetherlam. Quite a steep descent, care is needed especially if wet

rock is present.



Looking back towards Coniston Old Man from Prison Band



The giant cairn at Swirl Hause



Looking back to Great Carrs and an idea of the extent of the loss of height to get to Swirl Hause



Following the path to Wetherlam



Approaching the summit cairn on Wetherlam



By now, tired and aching a bit after a fair bit of yomping we reach the summit of Wetherlam


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Wetherlam https://youtu.be/dWc12vaA9R0



Descending Wetherlam back to Coniston via Lad Stones. At times this route is a tad pathless but other than that no dangers



Looking across to Brim Fell and Levers Water from the path back down to Coniston



Back down on the valley floor and the path leading down from the sluice gate takes you back to the Sun Inn and the bottom of the steep path that leads

up to the Car Park at Walna Scar (Be prepared for a VERY steep pull back up to there !!!)



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