Walk                           :  Skiddaw Little Man (2,837 ft) & Lonscale Fell (2,344 ft) – from Gale Road Car park

Date                           :  13th  June  2018

Weather                    :  Overcast, threat of rain @ 17°C


Distance                   :  5 miles round trip

Time Taken              :  3 hours (including stops)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




Completely different weather conditions for our third walk in our week long stay in Ambleside. Overcast, threat of rain and extreme high winds on the

summit of Skiddaw Little Man. The path from Gale Road Carp park is a very good one, easy to follow but very steep. The ridge path to Lonscale is very

easy over grass. This is a popular route for walkers wishing to visit Skiddaw itself, the path being good throughout



I took this picture whilst journeying along the A591 just past St Johns in the Vale and it clearly shows the Engineered path up to Jenkin Hill from Gale Road

The two fells in today’s climb are both left and right from the top of the hill



The car park at Gale Road is the start point for this walk



At the top end of the car park go through the gates and turn left



Following the path down towards the Hawell monument



Looking back to the Northwestern Fells and Grizedale Pike



The path meets a gate that gives access to the open fell side



The Hawell monument



On to the path proper now and be prepared for quite a steep climb. There are “off shoot” paths that cut out the bends more or less all the way up



Sue & Ste set off



Looking back towards Derwent Water



Higher on up the path and Skiddaw Lesser Man peeps up over the horizon



Just before we reach the top of Jenkin Hill a first view of the summit of Skiddaw Little Man behind Lesser Man



At the top of Jenkin Hill and the path that we will take later to visit Lonscale Fell



All that remains is to take the steep climb up to Skiddaw Lesser Man initially



On the summit of Lesser Man and its difficult to stand up straight !!


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Skiddaw Lesser Man … https://youtu.be/XYhqNs3jmiM



Looking down at Derwent Water and Keswick



Looking to Carl Side, Long Side and Ullock Pike on the path upto Skiddaw Little Man



The path to Skiddaw from the summit of Skiddaw Little Man


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Skiddaw Little Man … https://youtu.be/_GQIzQYdBd8



The Newlands valley from the summit of Little Man



We journey back down to the top of Jenkin Hill for lunch out of the wind, just as these two guys make it up. How you do that steep climb on a bike is beyond me



Following the path to Lonscale Fell – very straightforward walking on grass



Sue on the summit cairn of Lonscale Fell. The bulk of Blencathra in the background


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Lonscale Fell … https://youtu.be/2Ov9K5U6q0k




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