Walk                           :  Dodd (1,612 feet) from Millbeck via Long Doors

Date                           :  15th June  2018

Weather                    :  Overcast, threat of rain @ 15°C


Distance                   :  3 miles round trip

Time Taken              :  1 hour 20 mins to summit


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




The final full day of our week long stay in Ambleside saw us journey up towards Keswick again to fit in one last climb – nothing too strenuous … Dodd

that sits in front of the Skiddaw massif by Bassenthwaite Lake. It is worth noting that this area is undergoing huge amounts of Forestry work and as such

the paths that I show in this walk could be subject to change by the Forestry Commission depending on their area of work



Take the A591 north from Keswick and then minor road off right towards Millbeck. Just before Lyzzic Hall Hotel a lay by in the road has enough parking

space for about three or four cars



At the bottom end of the lay by the narrowest of paths signposted, cuts through an area of dense foliage. This is the start point for the walk



Almost immediately the path crosses a stream and leads on to a gate that gives access to the open fell side



The foot path cuts a swathe through a dense area of bracken



The path climbs steeply in parts above the tree line allowing views back towards Derwent Water




Higher on up and the path runs close to the fence that separates it from a dense area of woodland. It is at this point you need to keep a lookout for a sty



Cross the sty into the woodland



Immediately over the fence make a beeline down to the left where you will pick up the path again. At this point the woodland has undergone a wide area

of tree felling so original paths may no longer be unusable. By picking up this path you will be led across to a much clearer track which is followed



The path improves the other side of the clearing



Follow this up towards the start of one of the many Forest trails



The start of the Forest Trail



Trouble free navigation from hereon in



Areas of landslip along the way



The track does a hairpin as it climbs higher



Just above the tree line and a sneaky peak across Bassenthwaite to “The Bishop of Barf” !!



Looking back towards Derwent Water from the path



The track takes another sharp hairpin turn to the left where the summit trail is picked up



Just at the top of this section of the trail a memorial bench provides an idyllic view point



Just on from the bench and we catch the first sight of Dodd summit to the left of the tree in the centre of the picture



Keep on the track as it drops down through an area of wood land until you reach a signpost



The self explanatory sign post



The path narrows and becomes stony as it climbs its way to the summit



Skiddaw comes into view from the path



Approaching the summit



Derwent Water from the summit of Dodd


Click here to see a 360 degree view from the summit of Dodd … https://youtu.be/3oD64dOxlk4



Sue doing her “Usain Bolt” on Dodd summit !!



A perfect spot for lunch



Looking across over Latrigg  to the Helvellyn range



Bassenthwaite Lake from the summit



The North Western Fells  from the summit



On the way back down at the Memorial bench, last walk of the week sadly drawing to an end ….. “When are we back up again Sue ??”



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