Walk                           :  Barf (1,536 feet) from Powter How via Beckstones Gill

Date                           :  9th June  2018

Weather                    :  Sunny, humid @ 23°C


Distance                   :  2 miles round trip

Time Taken              :  1 hour to summit


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




The first day of our week long stay in Ambleside coincided with a period of hot sunny weather which was scheduled to break by the latter end of

the week. After unpacking at the cottage we headed out towards Keswick to take advantage of the good weather and extended daylight to climb

Barf. There are two routes which this can be climbed … the direct route which is really suited for climbers not walkers due to the steep scree slopes

OR the path that runs parallel with Gatherstones Beck which, whilst steep is safe and free from serious exposure. We took the latter



A view of Barf from the road at Powter How. The “Bishop of Barf” (the white painted rock formation) can be clearly seen from the start. To get to the

start point of the climb, head out of Keswick on the A66 towards Workington and take the Thornthwaite turn off on the left just before the start of

Bassenthwaite Lake



Upon reaching the Swan House Guest House look for a small area that is used as a free Car park on the left



The parking area opposite Swan House



The start of the walk could not be more clearly sign posted. Take this path that is right next to the parking area



Starting out on the path that cuts through the Beckstones Plantation



Within about two to three hundred yards take the wooden style that gives access to a path that travels steeply parallel with Beckstones Gill



Initially quite benign, but brace yourself for a steep climb



Here we go !!!



Sue can testify …. Its V steep !!!



At a point approximately two thirds the way up this small rock face needs to be negotiated. Its nothing too serious but does need a little care in

ascending and fortunately today the rock is dry



A little rock handling is required, but nothing major



Looking across from the rock shelf and you can see the “adventurous” route running parallel



The path continues to meander upwards through the plantation



Approaching the point at which a right turn is made to cross Beckstones Gill



The style crossing point and the path beyond that follows the ridge line to the summit



At the top of Beckstones Gill



The path leading to the summit ridge line



Once out of the Plantation the views start to open up. Bassenthwaite Lake



Looking across to the Skiddaw Massif



The path meanders round to the summit



Made it !!the summit of Barf


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit  https://youtu.be/gthDyHzTTIk



Bassenthwaite Lake as viewed from the extremely steep vantage point



A hazy view north towards Binsey



Looking West towards Lords Seat



Looking across Bassenthwaite towards Ullock Pike



Looking south towards the densely populated Thornthwaite Forest



Team shot from the summit – Happy hols … Day one !!!



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