Walk                           :  Birks (2,040 ft) and St Sunday Crag (2,756ft) from Patterdale

Date                           :  14th  July  2019

Weather                    :  Extensive cloud cover @ 23°C high humidity


Distance                   : 6 miles round trip

Time Taken              :  1 hour 40 mins to first summit (Birks)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




We returned to Lakeland to complete a walk that we had intended to do the week before but had to cancel due to circumstances (hungover from night before !).

A steep climb initially to the first summit of Birks via Thornhow End however a good track and easy navigation. An exhilarating ridge walk up by

another 700 ft up to St Sunday Crag with magnificent views towards Nethermost Cove and all the drama of Striding Edge and Helvellyn



From the A592 towards Patterdale and Glenridding a car park on the right hand side of the road just pat the Patterdale Hotel is the starting point for this walk

At the time of writing the charge was £4.50 for all day. From the car park walk across to the Hotel car park to the right behind the building to pick up the track



All suited and booted, and JtB is ready for the off



Behind the Hotel and the walker pictured has just emerged from the path on the right



The path journeys through a small wooded area to a gate in the fence



Through the gate the path veers right and cuts through a large area of bracken



Just over half a mile down the track and a gate gives access to Glemara Park. For info the path veering off to the left that follows the wall leads off to Arnison Crag



Crossing through Glemara Park and the first view of Birks. Our route will follow the ridge on the right and skirt round Thornhow End, the outcrop midway up



The path makes a sharp right turn as it crosses a small Ghyll



Following the path round to the start of the steep climb up to Thornhow End



Near a large Oak tree take the path branches off to the left that signifies the start of the steep section



Climbing up towards Thornhow End, the path is stepped to assist with the steepness



Foxgloves amidst the dense bracken



As further height is gained the path becomes less steep as it journeys to wards the Glemara Park boundary wall



The path that skirts the side of Birkhouse Moor which leads up to the “Hole in the Wall” en route to Helvellyn. Catstye Cam peeps over the Birkhouse Moor ridge line



Through the gate and turn right



Looking East towards Arnison Crag from the path



The path then turns to flank the west side of Birks as it climbs steadily



Looking west over towards Sheffield Crag



A perfect place to take a quick rest from the hard climb and take in the wonderful view across Ullswater



Slightly further on from the resting point the path levels off completely. Admission time here at this point you need to make a pathless ascent up the flank of Birks so as

to gain the ridge line, which we initially failed to do, however it is possible to continue along the path to the start of the climb to St Sunday Crag pictured here straight

ahead and then double back on your self and walk up a very well defined grass path towards Birks summit. We chose to make the pathless climb and get to the ridge line

before you approach the summit



Having gained the ridge line a more well defined path becomes visible which leads to the summit of Birks



The summit cairn on Birks


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Birks … https://youtu.be/bL72Pj9TjHE




Looking across to High Hartsop Dodd, Gray Crag and the High Raise ridge line in the background



Looking towards Nethermost Cove and Helvellyn



Jones sets off towards St Sunday Crag



The ridge route to St Sunday Crag. The line of ascent we took skirted the edge as shown however for those not wishing to venture so close to the edge can take a path

that branches off left towards Gavel Pike (the peak on the left)



Towards the upper part of the edge path and a little rock handling is required



Hang on Sue



Looking back down the ridge path to Birks



The path becomes less steep as it approaches the summit



Just before we reach the summit and we stop to chat a while with these lovely people from Australia who had decided to ignore the Cricket World Cup Final between

England and New Zealand that was going on today. I think they said that their interest tailed off after a particular defeat in the semi final .. couldn’t possibly comment.

Pleasure to meet and speak with you guys – enjoy the rest of your walk !!!



Team shot on the summit of St Sunday Crag. Unfortunately our time on the summit was greatly curtailed by an invasion of flies and flying ants !!!


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of St Sunday Crag … https://youtu.be/ihGqd7clrXY



Dollywaggon Pike and Nethermost Pike



Helvellyn and Striding Edge



Catstye Cam



The summit cairn on St Sunday Crag



Looking back to Ullswater



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