Walk                           :  Hart Side (2,481 ft), Stybarrow Dodd (2,770 ft), Great Dodd (2,807 ft), Watsons Dodd (2,584 ft) from Glencoyne

Date                           :  20th  September  2019

Weather                    :  Dry, sunny @ 21°C – perfect climbing conditions


Distance                   :  11 miles round trip

Time Taken              :  1 hour 25 mins to summit


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




A glorious day to walk out on Lakelands Fells. The significance of this walk would be that apart from reaching 171 Wainwright summits I would actually be

completing Book 1 – The Eastern Fells and Sue would be adding 4 more summits to her count now standing at 116. The route I chose to get to Hart Side is not

detailed in the Wainwright Guide book, but is more one that I sussed out a few weeks previous whilst walking up to Sheffield Pike. The track from Glencoyne

is excellent and allows you to gain height gently as you head towards the Sticks Pass near Nick Head. This route opens up access to a multitude of lofty fells



From the A592 just out of Glenridding take the path just adjacent to a Bus stop that leads into Glencoyne Woods



The track leads past a farm building and crosses over a cattle grid



The views very quickly open out looking over Ullswater as the path leads to a row of old Miners cottages at Seldom Seen



Approaching the cottages. The steep western flank of Sheffield Pike comes in to view – this path follows a stone wall that passes the cottages and runs along the base of the Pike



The Miners cottages at Seldom Seen from the path



The track now follows the line of the stone wall as it climbs gently towards the Sticks Pass



First view of Hart Side from the track



Through the gate heading towards Nick Head



The path turns left around the southern end of Sheffield Pike. At this point the views start to open up more of the Helvellyn range. Stybarrow Dodd in the centre of shot



Having turned the corner keep a look out for a small stone track that leads onto a grass path that will skirt the base of Nick Head as it swings right towards Hart Side



Looking back to Sheffield Pike from the path over to Hart Side



The track across grass is faint but discernable the aim being to keep right as it swings around to the ridge line of Hart Side




Looking down the valley and Glencoyne Beck snaking its way towards Ullswater



The track now becomes more abundantly clear as it swings further right leading towards Hart Side summit



The summit approach to Hart Side



At last Book 1 complete !!!!me on the summit of Hart Side


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Hart Side … https://youtu.be/wJqx6ywS09Q



Sue, Me & JtB on the summit of Hart Side



We lunched on the summit during which we had the very great pleasure of meeting and talking to Ken from Derbyshire for quite some while. Ken, up here for the week staying near Troutbeck / Dockray

had been on some very lengthy walks during the week, this being no exception. Having been retired for 15 odd years and “loving it” we discussed at length on the merits of “escaping” if the opportunity

presents itself, and for me that is something on the near horizon that I have think through. It was fascinating and enlightening to listen to Ken’s insight and has certainly given me some massive food

for thought. Ken, it was a real pleasure meeting and talking to you – its obvious that retirement is suiting you well Sir !!!



After lunch – we set off for Stybarrow Dodd, the path is unmistakable and is easy walking as it swings gently right and gradual up to the ridge line



Approaching Stybarrow Dodd summit



Sue on the summit of Stybarrow Dodd. The path to Great Dodd can be seen in the background


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Stybarrow Dodd … https://youtu.be/yz3K2QEiZ7s



On the track to Great Dodd



Approaching the summit of Great Dodd



The NorthWest Air Ambulance – hopefully just on a training exercise and not a real call out



Sue and a fairly wind swept Jones the Bastard on the summit of Great Dodd. Skiddaw and Blencathra in the background


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Great Dodd … https://youtu.be/vaoWLUfWlfo



The summit cairn on Great Dodd just a few yards further on from the wind shelter



Close up on Blencathra



Skiddaw towering over Keswick and Derwent Water




We now set off for Watsons Dodd – the summit cairn can be just seen (not the cairn in the front of the shot !!)



Close up on the Skiddaw range



Sue on the summit of Watsons Dodd


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Watsons Dodd … https://youtu.be/4RSYfOJvZE4



Thirlmere from the summit of Watsons Dodd



We journey back via Stybarrow Dodd to pick up the path that we originally took to Hart Side. Here a shot looking towards Catstye Cam and Helvellyn




Following the path back towards Sheffield Pike




On the track back down to Seldom Seen



Back down now to the side of the A592 at Glenridding and the end of a fantastic day out on the Lakeland Fells


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