Walk                           :  Sheffield Pike (2,232 ft) and Glenridding Dodd (1,425 ft) from Glencoyne

Date                           :  7th  September  2019

Weather                    :  Dry, sunny @ 14°C – perfect climbing conditions


Distance                   :  5 miles round trip

Time Taken              :  1 hour 45 mins to summit


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




A perfect day weather wise for fell climbing was forecasted and didn’t disappoint. This walk from the foot of the Glencoyne Woods near Glenridding

is an absolute belter, however be aware that the so called ridge walk between Sheffield Pike down to Glenridding Dodd is a tad adventurous and

its vital to find the correct way off the Pike. Wainwright described the walk as “A rough but pleasant walk with fine views” – the first part of the journey

towards Heron Pike is good enough if a little boggy, however getting down safely off Heron Pike requires care



From the A592 just a short distance out from Glenridding travelling North there are numerous lay-bys in which to park. The walk starts by the bus stop at the entrance of a

cart track that leads towards Seldom Seen



At the start of the track take the central path towards a farm building



The path crosses over a a Cattle Grid within a couple of hundred yards



Ignore the sign pointing to Mossdale Bay and swing right



A bench with a view !! at the side of the track towards Seldom Seen



The path approaches a row of terraced cottages. From here swing left behind the trees to pick up a path that runs parallel with the wall



Seldom Seen originally a row of Miners Cottages from the path



First view of Sheffield Pike from the path



The path skirts the edge of Glencoyne Wood



The path leads to a gate through which at this point you have the option to carry on and climb gently towards the col at Nick Head or you can turn immediately sharp left

and climb steeply on at times a pathless journey towards the base of Heron Pike. It all depends on what your preference is but for me the gentle slope up to Nick Head

is a complete no brainer



Looking back to Ullswater from the track up to Nick Head



Higher on up the path and there are 2 gates in the wall. Take the upper one (on your left)



Through the gate and the path rises very gently towards Nick Head. Jones the Bastard waits patiently for us to catch up



Too busy admiring the view back towards Ullswater



Approaching the col at Nick Head where the path will swing round to the left allowing for an easy summit of Sheffield Pike from the southern end



Shortly after the path has swung left it splits. Take the left fork for an easy climb to the summit approach ridge



The huge whale back ridge connecting Stybarrow Dodd, Great Dodd and Hart Side from the ridge path



Catstye Cam in the centre of the shot with Helvellyn in the background from the approach ridge to Sheffield Pike




The summit approach path



Phew !!made it – Sue and Ste on the summit of Sheffield Pike


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Sheffield Pike … https://youtu.be/qlbX1x2BzyY



Team shot on Sheffield Pike summit



This top really does have a wealth of fantastic views … here looking North up Ullswater



Jones is more bothered about who’s food he will end up with !!



Ullswater close up



Looking over to the Far Eastern fells … High Raise, Rampsgill Head, High Street, Caudale Moor and Middle Dodd as we follow the track towards Glenridding Dodd, which

initially aims towards Heron Pike



So Glenridding Dodd is pictured in the centre, however there is the small matter of negotiating safely down off Heron Pike. If you get to this marker post, then you have come

too far along the path as after that it is almost a sheer vertical drop. So from this point back up a little and take a very faint grassy path to the right of shot that leads to the Eastern

slope of the Pike.This is still a tad precarious and care is needed to get onto a better path below



After some steep sided scrambling on grass, we eventually reach a better foot path that can be seen meandering down the rake



This probably gives a good idea of the steep sidedness of the track – it is however pretty good once the upper reaches have been negotiated



Yes Wiff …. That’s just what you have come down !!!



Looking down to Glenridding Dodd. The white stone track seen leading down left toward Glencoyne Wood will be not only our route to the summit but also the way back down

to the roadside



Looking East towards over the ridge of Birkhouse Moor over towards St Sunday Crag



Looking south towards Whiteside, Helvellyn Lesser man and Catstye Cam



Nearly down now from the decent of Heron Pike and a break in the boundary wall gives access to the approach path to Glenridding Dodd



The way to the summit of Glenridding Dodd is to aim for the start of the stone track just slightly right of centre in this shot



Approaching the summit of Glenridding Dodd



The summit of Glenridding Dodd


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Glenridding Dodd … https://youtu.be/LA2Rt2cOYw4



Looking back towards Heron Pike



The beauty that is Patterdale



Coming down off Glenridding Dodd we follow the path that swings round right and follows the line of Mosedale Beck



The path drops down gradually and the final part down to the A592 roadside journeys through the dense forest of Glencoyne Wood. Whilst the path is bona fide

prepare yourself for a few awkward twists and turns through fallen trees and quick thick foliage, nothing too serious



After a fab day out on the fells .. and what better way to end it by a post walk debrief in The Lily at Ambleside



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