Walk                           :  Raven Crag (1,520 ft) from Thirlmere Reservoir

Date                           :  21st  September 2020

Weather                    :  Warm, sunny, blue sky


Distance                   : 3 miles round trip

Time Taken              :  1 hour 30 mins to summit


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




The second day of our week away in Lakeland and the glorious weather slot continued, so to make hay whilst the sun was still shining ahead of the predicted bad

weather, we chose the delightful little fell by the side of Thirlmere Reservoir .. Raven Crag. A short walk along a well engineered path in the upper reaches, and with

a view to die for at the top on well constructed viewing platform. In AW`s days the views that we enjoyed in safety and comfort required an adventurous scramble

down a steep sided slope, now no longer necessary



Raven Crag from the side of the A591 where there is plenty of verge side parking at the northern end of Thirlmere Reservoir if you are there early enough



Cross the road and take the main road that leads to the causeway over the Dam



With Spud strapped into his harness we start to cross the causeway



Close up of Raven Crag from the causeway. The line of attack will see us climb towards the Col on the right of the picture and then round the back of the fell

via the engineered path up to the viewing platform on the summit



The commemoration plaque marking the commissioning of the Reservoir



Looking south from the Causeway



Looking up to Lakeland’s mini version of “El Capitan



At the end of the Causeway turn right on a minor road and approximately 200 yards or so on the left a hand gate gives access to a foot path



Looking back towards the Helvellyn range from the path



The path veers left as it climbs gently towards the Col



Through the gate turn left



Looking back down the path as we climb towards the Col



Looking east towards the Dodds



A bush full of Red Admirals sunning themselves



Approaching the top of the Col, at this point the path swings left and takes you through a copse on to a more engineered path that assists the climb



The engineered path takes a lot of labour out of the climb




Approaching the summit viewing platform



This was the view that AW described as having to undertake a “cautious scramble” to get to. No longer these days, but what a view down the length of Thirlmere


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Raven Crag … https://youtu.be/AE8FZO2RttA



Sue taking in the stunning scenery from the viewing platform



The Spud meister on the summit of his second Wainwright Fell … well done young man !!



Me and Spud on the summit



Looking north towards Blencathra



Clough Head towering above the A591 below



Whiteside and Helvellyn Lower Man across Thirlmere



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