Walk : Ullscarf (2,370 ft), from Dob Gill Car Park, Thirlmere

Date : 12th June 2021

Weather : Low cloud, driving rain and high wind 15 C


Distance : 5.5 miles round trip

Time Taken : 2 hour 20 mins to summit


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




The most central of all Wainwright Fells in Lakeland and the promise of an unsurpassed 360 degree panorama was what we hoped for

as we decided to climb this fell. What we actually got was unfortunately the exact opposite. A dense layer of low cloud at around 1500 feet

spoiled what was an eagerly anticipated walk and made navigation extremely difficult with not having any landmarks to key on to. For about

30 very ugly minutes we got lost and confused whilst trying to relocate Standing Crag on our way back down.



From Ambleside, take the A591 past Grasmere and take the signpost marked for Armboth as you approach Thirlmere. Follow the narrow road upto

Dob Gill Car park which is the starting point for this walk



From the car park take the gated exit that leads steeply upwards towards the forest



For a large portion the track is stone pitched through the forest area and in damp conditions like today the rocks can be slippy



The track levels off a little on the approach to Harrop Tarn



Harrop Tarn. After we had got down from our climb later on in the day we had the great pleasure of meeting Lisa from Stavely with her dog Molly. Lisa had just finished work

and had parked up at Dob Gill at a time when it was lashing down. When I asked if she was going up to the summit, she informed me that she was going for a swim in the Tarn

something that she does frequently. We chatted for some while and it was really nice to exchange stories at the end of our walk. Certainly a beautiful place for a swim



On with the walk though and soon after passing the Tarn we leave the main track at a signpost on the left towards Watendlath over 3 miles away



We travel on a well defined path through more forest until a hand gate gives access to the open fell side



Through the gate a clear path climbs up to the ridgeline heading towards Standing Crag



Standing Crag from the track



The layer of mist that was to mar the rest of the walk



A brief pause before we reach the ridge line



On gaining the ridge line keep on the track has it heads towards a fence line and a gate



Through the gate and turn left and follow the fence line over rough grass towards Standing Crag. The obvious grass rake to the left of the Crag is the route to chose



The path climbs steeply



At the top of the rake and at this point we run in to driving rain and no visibility what so ever



The fence line is the key especially in such poor visibility to assist with navigation follow it to its very end.



For the largest part there is a beaten path to follow



Note well the end of the fence, at this point you are probably around ten minutes to the summit over fairly even ground. The only markers from here on is a number of

iron posts belonging to and old fence line



Under normal conditions it would be fairly easy to follow these post, but conditions today proved more tricky



Approaching the summit



Eventually and thankfully the summit cairn comes in to view



A bedraggled (and probably pissed off) Spud on the summit of Ullscarf Click here for a waste of 10 seconds for a 360 degree view https://youtu.be/DS2iu4fYlzA



In this picture you should be able to see the Helvellyn range L



This picture (taken from the return route) is near the top of Standing Crag where we could just about see the forest that we initially climbed through



Returning via the grass rake down the side of Standing Crag



Blea Tarn from Standing Crag



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