Walk : Great Crag (1,500 ft) from Stonethwaite

Date : 15th June 2021

Weather : Sunny, dry @ 17C


Distance : 3 miles round trip

Time Taken : 1 hour 40 mins to summit


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




A lovely little walk from Stonethwaite that climbs very steeply almost straight away into the walk. Dock Tarn is a charming little place to get your breath

back before going on to the summit. Fantastic views from either of the two summit cairns



The tiny hamlet of Stonethwaite is the starting point for this walk where if you are lucky enough there is free parking space for about 7 or 8 cars



Take the path signposted for Greenup that crosses over Stonethwaite Bridge



Looking across to the northern end of Eagle Crag and the Ullscarf ridge



Crossing Stonethwaite Beck. At the end of the bridge and through the gate, turn right and head towards Greenup



Setting off down the stony track



Keep an eye out on the left for an obvious path that branches off over grass



The path climbs gently towards a stone wall



Cross the wall via the sty and keep left



The path, well cairned climbs steadily to another hand gate



The path continues on through the gate



At this point gird the loins for some steep climbing through the wooded area



The path is stone pitched to assist with the steepness



Just about to exit the wooded area, and this marks the end of the steepest part of the climb



The views now start to open up, here looking towards Grey Knotts



Sergeants Crag and Eagle Crag from the top of the climb



The path now levels off a little as it heads to Dock Tarn



A number of cairns mark the way making navigation easy



The path leads on to a wall with a sty



Keep on the path as it continues over the sty



Keep following the marker cairns as they lead to Dock Tarn



When Dock Tarn comes into view take the right hand fork in the track and head towards the waters edge



Well worth pausing for a while here as the summit is only another 15 minutes away the stunning Dock Tarn



At the northern end of the tarn keep left and stay on the obvious track



Skiddaw appears on the horizon. At this point the ground can become a little boggy but the path can still be followed



Quite soon the summit comes into view. There are numerous paths that tend to all lead into the same direction



Look out on the left for a faint path over grass that climbs directly up to the summit



A narrow channel cuts through the heather and leads directly to the summit cairn



There are two summit cairns a few metres apart from each other here on the northern most summit looking along the Langstrath valley

towards Great Gable Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Great Crag https://youtu.be/vFLdd9d8yT4



The pyramid shape of the summit of Grisedale Pike peeps out over the ridgeline of Maiden Moor



Looking towards Watendlath Tarn and the distant Skiddaw massif



Looking across to Sergeants Crag, Eagle Crag with Ullscarf in the background and Pike o Stickle just peeping over the ridge line



A cairn on a cairn. The Spud Meister takes root on the summit as lunch on top is just about to be served !!





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