Walk                           :  Sergeants Crag (1,873 ft), Eagle Crag (1,650 ft) from Stonethwaite via Langstrath

Date                           :  19th May 2021

Weather                    :  Light cloud and breeze @  14°C


Distance                   : 9 miles round trip

Time Taken              : 3 hours 10 mins to first summit (Sergeants Crag)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




I had researched this combination of Wainwright peaks for some time and decided for a number of reasons that I didn’t want to take the Eagle Crag

route first with its parts of exposure in certain areas, so opted for the lengthier route of Sergeants Crag first with the short ridge walk to follow.

The initial walk along the length of Langstrath Beck can be done on either side by taking the footbridge early on as you leave the Stonethwaite hamlet

This blog describes the walk from the right hand side of the Beck up to the head of the valley just before Stake Pass. Either way there is a steep and

pathless climb over thick and wiry grass to attain the ridge line by Brown Crag which is key to reaching Sergeants Crag



Parking in the hamlet of Stonethwaite is at a premium, so be prepared to park on the road leading up to it



Following the track into Stonethwaite



Entering the hamlet – keep left



The limited number of spaces for the early birds



Just after the Langstrath Country Inn the road changes in to a stony track that heads on out to the valley



The track meanders its way towards the head of the valley and passes through a series of hand gates



Sue, Ste and Spud taking a water stop along the route



Slightly further on and the first good look at Sergeants Crag (right) and Eagle Crags steep north face with the connecting ridge



Further down the valley and Rosset Pike and Allen Crags come in to view. At this point still easy walking



Another hand gate and a chance to walk across the valley floor to view Blackmoss Pot in full flow



Blackmoss Pot



This part of the walk is pathless but the objective is to keep on heading towards Stake Pass and pass the base of Blea Crag seen here on the left.

At some point it is necessary to cross Langstrath Beck and there are a number of stone banked narrow crossing points which to choose



Having crossed the Beck a marker cairn shows the way along a slightly more conventional path



Rosset Pike and Esk Pike at the head of the valley



The prominent lone tree that signifies the start of the climb is imminent



At a point when a foot bridge that crosses Stake Beck comes in to view take a left turn and start to climb the steep and pathless fell side

that leads to Brown Crag. There is no right or wrong way to take, the objective is to reach the ridge line near Brown Crag



We choose to aim for the dip to the right of Brown Crag. Its not possible to do this directly as there are several ravines cut in to the fell side

that need to be negotiated



After about 30 minutes of zig zagging around the boulders and ravines we approach the ridge line



So glad to have got that out of the way. Sue and Ste take a breather. In the far distance is Great End and Ill Crag



Looking across the valley to Cam Crag



Looking back to the head of the valley – stunning



At this point on the ridge line the summit of Sergeants Crag comes in to view and is just a fairly level walk across boggy ground which is

sometimes pathless



Aim for the wall stile



The summit of Sergeants Crag – click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Sergeants Crag … https://youtu.be/JLoCg36psjA



Looking down the ridge route to Eagle Crag just around half a mile away. This is a fine part of the walk



Coming down now off Sergeants Crag and just follow the line of the wall



The path leads to a wall sty. After crossing this, there remains the small task of climbing over the wall running at right angles to reach the summit plateau



Looking back to Sergeants Crag and the connecting ridge



Looking across Langstrath towards Great Gable



The summit plateau of Eagle Crag. Click here for a 360 degree view … https://youtu.be/we8LR5E44dE



With all the pain of the drudge up to the summit behind us – Sue enjoys the view from the summit



The route back down to Stonethwaite (and safe one) requires you to back track over the fence and head left following the fence line down to Greenup



After about 30 mins of gradual descent over grass a clear path is taken that leads directly back to Stonethwaite. Here looking at the steep northern

face of Eagle Crag



One of the many waterfalls on the route back down



The north face of Eagle Crag with Sergeants Crag in the background



At long last a proper post walk debrief in the Lily (Ambleside) – its so good too back to near normal



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