Walk : Middle Fell (1,908 ft), Seatallan (2,266 ft) & Buckbarrow (1,410 ft) from Greendale

Date : 2nd June 2021

Weather : Hot sunny with a breeze 26 C


Distance : 5 miles round trip

Time Taken : 1 hour 50 mins to first summit (Middle Fell)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




The good weather continued, we decided to visit Wasdale to climb 3 Wainwrights in total (2 new ones for me). The route

from Greendale up to Middle Fell is steep but a good path throughout. The views on top are expansive and hard to beat.

The path from Middle Fell to Seatallan is fairly straightforward with a steep climb to the summit. The gently sloping path

down to Buckbarrow is a joy to walk on



As we approach Greendale the classic view of Wasdale



There is ample free car parking space at Greendale and the walks starts from here just before reaching the hamlet



The path is fairly well defined throughout and leads directly on to the southern shoulder of Middle Fell



Climb steeply initially until the path levels off a little. The route to the summit branches off right here whilst the main track

carries on to Greendale Tarn



The right fork in the path. This now climbs steadily but in parts steeply up the shoulder



The path winds its way through a rocky outcrop



Looking back to the Wast Water Screes from the path



Further on up the path and Seatallan and Haycock come into view



Eventually the path levels off a little and the views start to open up. Here looking across to the Scafells



On the summit approach



The summit cairn comes into view



Sue, Ste & Spud on the summit of Middle Fell. Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit https://youtu.be/hcFaBCoeG8c



The Screes from the summit



A close up of Yewbarrow from the summit with Kirk Fell and Great Gable in the background



Scafell Pike (left) and Scafell (right) above Wast Water



Looking out to the Irish Sea from the summit



The track to Seatallan a good track all the way down and easy to follow



There are a number of routes to the top of Seatallan, we chose the more direct route which climbs steeply in its latter stages

but is very easy to follow



Approaching the steep part



A brief look back to Middle Fell and Greendale Tarn from the climb to Seatallan



The final steep push gird the loins for 20 mins of hard work !!



And then thankfully the summit cairn comes into view



Made it !! Sue, Ste and the Spud Meister on the summit of Seatallan. Click here for a 360 degree view https://youtu.be/hcFaBCoeG8c



From the summit Trig point the path heading east towards Buckbarrow



Theres no real right or wrong way to get to Buckbarrow, but to avoid losing too much height head for the rise that is seen

in the centre of the shot



At this point we are on the main track having cut across the eastern flank of Seatallan (Nether Wasdale Common).

This leads to the marker cairn at Cat Bields.



The marker cairn at Cat Bields. Sellafield in the far distance Click here for a 360 degree view https://youtu.be/-Jg0QgOHoXM



From Cat Bields its just a case of following the path down the slope to the summit cairn on Glade How (Buckbarrow)

Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit https://youtu.be/_RKxGRr4sIU



There are numerous paths to follow to get back down to Greendale invariably the all lead to the main path that runs

parallel to Greendale Gill



On the main track down to Greendale



Buckbarrow from Greendale



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