Walk : Haycock (2,618 ft) & Caw Fell (2,288 ft) from Bowness Knott, Ennerdale

Date : 22nd June 2021

Weather : Sunny, dry @ 17C


Distance : 9 miles round trip

Time Taken : 2 hours 30 mins to first summit (Haycock)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




A lovely walk that takes in the beauty of Ennerdale Water. The path that climbs steadily up the flank of Silver Cove is initially a little tricky

to find largely due to the amount of deforestation work that is currently going on, but once located leads unerringly to the ridge that connects

Caw Fell and Haycock. Unbelievable views throughout



The walk starts a Bowness Knott car park which is free to use. The main track that runs down the side of Ennerdale Water has restricted

access to the general public, being largely the domain of Forestry Commission and MRT vehicles only



Looking across Ennerdale Water to Crag Fell from the car park



From the car park turn left and follow the private road down the side of the lake



After about a mile of level walking turn right to take the bridge that crosses the River Liza



Crossing the River Liza



Looking across to Pillar



Across the river and the intended route of the day (highlighted) shows the steady climb up to the ridge line that connects Caw Fell and

Haycock. At the end of this track turn left through the hand gate



The path leads to a footbridge that crosses Silvercove Beck



Cross the bridge and turn left



The stone path is only followed for a short while before taking a right turn in to the wooded area to follow a wide forest track



Take a right turn here and keep right to access the forest track



Following the forest track



Within a third of a mile along the track keep a lookout on the right for a small wooden bridge that crosses Silvercove Beck



Crossing the small footbridge



Silvercove Beck. Once across the bridge make a left turn



Following the track that climbs steadily through the wooded area



The track emerges the woods and leads to a sty over the fence that gives access to the open fell side. Follow the track left



The track up to the ridge line is now all ahead of you and is easy to follow even in mist. There are marker cairns dotted along the way



Approaching the ridge line with Little Gowder Crag on the left



Looking across to Scoat Fell and Steeple (the pointy bit) from the track



Just as the track starts to bend right its time to branch off left at any convenient point and make the short journey across grass to the fence line



The fence line that connects both summits of Caw Fell and Haycock. At this point its just a case of deciding which fell to do first

left to Haycock and right to Caw Fell



We take the left route to do Haycock first. Its worth crossing over the wall line so that you can walk past the right hand side of Little Gowder Crag



Approaching Little Gowder Crag



Past the Crag now and the terrain changes from grass to a boulder highway. Keep following the line of the wall



The views really start to open up from here. Sue takes in the views over Ennerdale Water towards Great Bourne and Starling Dodd



Approaching one of the summit cairns now and the Scafells range comes in to view



Sue on the summit of Haycock - Click here for a 360 degree view https://youtu.be/VLA-Kh3BBl0



The connecting ridge to Scoat Fell and Steeple beyond



Looking towards Scafell Pike and Scafell



Looking over to Seatallan, Middle Fell, Whin Rigg and Illgill Head from the summit



Such a joy to be up on the fells today



We take the path back down to Little Gowder Crag to journey to Caw Fell.



Looking over towards the High Stile, Red Pike ridge line fro the path to Caw Fell



Crossing the wall to follow the grass track up to Caw Fell



No navigation issues to get to Caw Fell summit just follow the wall line



The summit of Caw Fell Click here for a 360 degree view https://youtu.be/MBH_nH8tvSc



Grasmoor peeping up behind the Red Pike, High Stile, High Crag ridge line



Steeple and Scoat Fell



Early evening back down at Ennerdale Water and the end of another fantastic day in Lakeland



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