Walk : Skiddaw Little Man (2,837ft), Skiddaw (3,053 ft) and Bakestall (2,189 ft) from Gale Road

Date : 29th April 2021

Weather : High winds, freezing cold, driving snow 1 C


Distance : 8 miles round trip

Time Taken : 1 hour 50 mins to first summit (Skiddaw Little man)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




A week on from our last walk in the Far Eastern region where we actually got sunburn, this walk in the Northern region could not have been more

opposite on what was supposed to be the best weather day of the week. Spring like conditions at the start of the walk at the Gale Road car park behind

Latrigg to horizontally driving snow and freezing cold wind at Skiddaw summit. For myself it was a chance to bag Bakestall and for Sue & Ste to also

collect Skiddaw Little Man to their Wainwright tallies. Good paths throughout so therefore safe in mist driving snow or anything else



The Gale Road car park behind Latrigg is the start point for this walk



From the car park turn right through the gate and keep to the line of the fence



Looking back to the Helvellyn range from the fence



The path turns left and reveals the Engineered path that initially leads up to Jenkin Hill



We pass the Halwell monument erected in memory of two Skiddaw shepherds



At this point in time the weather is beautiful and giving very rewarding views here looking back to the North Western fells above Keswick



Just at the start of the climb. The stone track meanders up towards Jenkin Hill, the grass path cuts out a number of twists and turns but is steep



Looking back towards Derwent Water from the path



And then the weather turned



After tussling against gravity and driving sleet we eventually reach the fence at Jenkin Hill. If you are going directly to Skiddaw keep straight on

through the gate. We make a left turn to climb initially Skiddaw Lesser Man en route to Skiddaw Little Man



The first belt of weather eventually passes over us .



Leaving clear conditions but freezing cold wind as wwe climb up to Lesser Man first



From Skiddaw Lesser Man there is a clear path up to Skiddaw Little Man



As another belt of weather comes in as we continue on to Skiddaw`s South Top



Clear view to Derwent Water for the moment



The next belt of weather arrives as we continue on to Middle Top from South Top



Bassenthwaite from Middle Top



You ok there Spud ??



Skiddaw Main Top (High Man) Sue Ste and Spud at the summit cairn


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Skiddaw https://youtu.be/4WrVHYtSj0g



The weather comes in again



We continue along to North Top to pick up the fence line that leads unerringly towards Bakestall. There is about thousand feet drop



Looking back to North Top as we descend towards Bakestall



The path down to the fence line. At the corner take a right turn to drop steeply down to Bakestall. The path leading to its summit can be seen in the

middle of the shot



Another belt of snow on Bakestall summit


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Bakestall (NOT !!!) https://youtu.be/QOxtCbYsnR0



From Bakestall we return steeply to Skiddaw North Top to pick up the path back to Jenkin Hill



In between weather belts and a welcome break from the diving snow



So clear that Isle of Man comes in to view !!!



Coming down off South top. The path to the left avoids having to climb Little Man again and leads directly to Jenkin Hill



Looking towards Blencathra from near to Jenkin Hill



Looking north across to the Uldale Fells



This shot taken from the path down to Gale Road as the latest weather belt is just starting to clear



Team selfie on the way back down



Nearly back down where has all the snow gone did we imagine it ??? The 4 seasons in 1 day micro climate of Lakeland




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