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Walk : Harter Fell (Eskdale) (2,140 ft) from Eskdale

Date : 3rd August 2021

Weather : Dry, low cloud @ 14C


Distance : 4 miles round trip

Time Taken : 1 hour 40 mins to summit


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview


Route to Harter Fell




AW described this walk as the most charming of ascents, delightful from start to finish. True it is a nice walk along a good path that does

disappear a tad in the final stretches but the summit is comfortable near the Trig column and invites you to stay for a while to take in the

views (cloud cover permitting)


Car parking for Harter Fell


Approaching from the south through Eskdale, past Wha House Farm at the foot of the Hardknott Pass there is plenty of space for road

side parking. This view is looking back down south and is the direction of travel when starting the walk


Start of track to Harter Fell


After about 30 yards or so take a left turn at a sign posted path leads down to cross Dod Knott Gill and a series of handgates


Dod Knott Gill


Crossing Dod Knott Gill


Path to Harter Fell


Through the first hand gate to get on the path proper


Path to Harter Fell


The second hand gate and the path that rises gently along the side of the fell


Scafell Bow Fell


Looking back towards the cloud covered Scafell group and Bowfell from the path


Eskdale valley


The Eskdale valley from the path


Path to Harter Fell


The path climbs gently as it reaches the third hand gate


Path to Harter Fell


The path continues through an area of braken


Harter Fell


The upper reaches of the southern face of Harter Fell from the path


Towards the Hardknott forest


After about three quarters of a mile or so the path levels off for as it approaches the southern boundary fence of the Hardknott Forest


Hardknott Forest


Approaching the boundary gate of the Hardknott forest. At this point the path turns left to start the climb up the shoulder of Harter Fell


Hardknott Forest


Some information from the Forestry Commission


Harter Fell


Starting the climb up the eastern shoulder of Harter Fell


Harter Fell


The path tends to become more intermittent as it approaches a belt of crags



As the path tends to fade in and out there is no right or wrong way to continue, we just took the route of least resistance through the crags


Green Crag Crook Crag


Looking towards Green Crag and Crook Crag as we climb up the shoulder


Harter Fell


Higher up the shoulder and another path cuts across the belt of crags


Devoke Water


Looking across to Devoke Water


Harter Fell summit approach


A natural break in the crags leads towards the summit approach


Harter Fell summit approach


A marker cairn indicates the route to the summit


Harter Fell summit


Approaching the summit Trig column


Harter Fell summit


Made it ! Sue and I on the summit of Harter Fell. Click here for a 360 degree view https://youtu.be/MdAJpe0zcek


Digger Wasps


We settled down on the summit for lunch, but was soon interrupted by a swarm of Digger Wasps these two in quite a compromising position !!


Harter Fell summit


Unfortunately at the time of us arriving on the summit a layer of low cloud hung over the Scafell group somewhat spoiling the views


Harter Fell Trig Column


The summit Trig column


The Scafell range


As we journeyed back down the layer of cloud that hid the Scafells had shifted providing some dramatic views Typical !!



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