Walk : Slight Side (2,499 ft) & Scafell (3,162 ft) from Wha House Farm, Eskdale

Date : 30th June 2021

Weather : Initially cloudy then hot sunshine, high humidity @ 21C


Distance : 7.5 miles round trip

Time Taken : 2 hours 45 mins to first summit (Slight Side)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




The safest way of all the routes that lead up to Scafell avoiding all the challenges / horrors of Lords Rake & Broad Stand, however a challenging

route in the heat of this particular day. The path from Wha House Farm is initially easy to follow in ascent as the first objective (Slight Side) comes

into view and can be used as a beacon throughout. However, note well the bland features on the way up to Quagrigg Moss as they will be vital

to locate when (if) returning via this route. The path from Slight Side to Scafell is not well defined however in clear conditions just aim for the massive

bulk along first a grassy area eventually turning in to a scree boulder field. No difficulties to be had along the way



From the A590 leading to Broughton, and then the minor roads to Foxfield, Ulpha and Eskdale follow the signs for Eskdale Green, Dalegarth Station

The starting point for this walk is just slightly further on from the station along the bottom reaches of the Hardknott Pass. A small car park opposite

the farm can accommodate about a dozen or so vehicles and is free of charge



At the northern end of the car park a hand gate leads on to the open fell side of Goat Crag. This climbs steadily across the face of the fell towards

Quagrigg Moss



The path climbs steeply initially before it levels of somewhat near a wall with sheep pens



Through the hand gate and the sheep pens and remain close to the wall



There are a number of undulations as the path climbs gently through a large area of bracken



Once on the footpath it is easy to follow initially in spite of the dense foliage (Do well to note what ever little landmarks you see fit - to assist return)



The path, intermittent at times weaves its way through a set of moraines and eventually emerges to the vast expanse of Quagrigg Moss. At this point

Slight Side and its much bigger neighbour (Scafell) come into view (just)



We have emerged from the col in the centre of the picture and here looking back towards Harter Fell shrouded in mist



On the track proper now across Quagrigg Moss and heading for Slight Side



Looking across to Seatallan from the track



Approaching the start of the scree section, a decent majority of it can be avoided by navigating towards the grass when possible



Looking back across Quagrigg Moss towards Harter Fell



Looking across over Burnmoor Tarn to Whin Rigg and Illgill Head



Looking across to Crinkle Crags emerging from the mist



The path through or alongside the scree is easy to follow, there are two summits to choose from both of which require a little scrambling over good rock



The summit of Slight Side looking towards Cam Spout Crag to the right and Scafell towering in the centre


Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit https://youtu.be/fXMayhah6AA



Looking along the ridgeline of the Scafell massif with the prominent height of Ill Crag in the centre



We now set off for Scafell. There is no particular path as such, we just aim to skirt the left hand shoulder of Cam Spout Crag



Looking northwest over to Steeple, Scoat Fell and Pillar



Looking back towards Burnmoor Tarn



Looking back along our direction of travel from Slight Side as we hit the boulder field on the upper reaches of Scafell



Almost at the top now and the first proper glimpse of Scafell Pike (as busy as usual)



At this point we are nearly at the summit and a magnificent view of the south face of Great Gable



Made it !!! the second highest point in England. Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Scafell https://youtu.be/RM8yNhFFwzE



Looking across Mickledore to Scafell Pike



A close up of Great Gable a magnificent mountain



A close up of Symonds Knott (that give Scafell its distinctive view from the Wasdale side) just behind that will be the West Wall Traverse and Lords Rake

routes up to Scafell from the Mickledore side



Looking across the Mosedale horseshoe from Scafell summit



Looking down on Wast Water



Journeying back down to Slight Side



Looking back to Ill and Esk Pike



Looking north to Bowfell



and of course Crinkle Crags



A much clearer view now as we cross Quagrigg Moss of Harter Fell



Journeying back home at the end of another day on the Lakeland Fells



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