Walk                           :  High Street (2,718 ft), Rampsgill Head (2,581ft), High Raise (2,634 ft) and Kidsty Pike (2,560 ft)

                                       from Mardale Head 

Date                           :  5th May 2021

Weather                    :  Initial sunshine, passing hail showers, cold @  7°C


Distance                   : 7 miles round trip

Time Taken              : 2 hours 10 mins to first summit (High Street)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




The so called best weather day in Lakeland tempted us to revisit the Haweswater region so that Sue and Ste could tick off High Street, Rampsgill Head,

High Raise and Kidsty Pike. High Raise would see me complete the Far Eastern Region Book Two of the Wainwright Fells.

The route we chose to initially get to High Street via the ridge of Rough Crag and Long Stile under normal conditions is an adventurous but reasonably

safe way directly to the summit. In the weather conditions we had today (Snow and Sleet)it was dangerous and therefore I would personally recommend

that if you are in doubt of your scrambling / rock handling abilities its best to leave this route for better conditions. That said, the views are amazing



As we approach the car park at Mardale Head a clear view of our chosen route along the ridge leading to High Street



The free car park is capable of holding several cars



Harter Fell from the gate at the south end of the car park



Through the gate turn right to get on the path to the Rigg



The path to the Rigg



Heading towards the Rigg and the start of the climb



At the gateway turn left and prepare from some steep climbing



The start of the climb



Looking back down to the car park at Mardale Head



Looking across to Branstree from the climb



Looking back to Haweswater from the climb



With High Street poking up behind the ridge the route forward is in no doubt



Looking at Blea Water from Long Stile



Looking right to what will be our final fell of the day – Kidsty Pike (the pointy bit)



The final push up to the summit and a bit of rock handling is required



Looking back from the climb



At long last after tussling with the steepness and snow – we get on top of High Street



Sue, Ste and Spud on the summit of High Street. Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of High Street … https://youtu.be/0BtZfht6b20



Fine views over Riggindale towards the Eastern Fells



From the summit – turn right and follow the path as it drops down to Rampsgill Head



Looking down on to Hayeswater from the drop down to Rampsgill Head



Looking back from the descent to Rampsgill Head



At a point where the path meets a stone wall veer right to pick up the track to Rampsgill. With there being so much snow down, the paths were

a little difficult to follow



We eventually correct our route and though snow covered we get back on the track leading to the summit



A severe belt of weather heading our way en route to Rampsgill Head summit



Sue on the summit of Rampsgill Head – Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit of Rampsgill Head … https://youtu.be/NvkoVTltnLA



We don’t hang about on the summit as a severe weather belt is approaching us. Here the straightforward track up to High Raise



Me on High Raise (Book 2 completed) – Click here for a 360 degree view from the summit … https://youtu.be/EmAjPHYIfdU We then quickly

head off back to Kidsty Pike



On the track to Kidsty Pike, we encountered thigh deep snow in parts



The weather belt catches us up



On the summit of Kidsty Pike, we don’t hang about for long. Click here for a 360 degree view … https://youtu.be/gkePiD3Rw8c



From the summit we make a sharp exit left down the band that follows the Riggindale valley back towards Haweswater



Nearly back down as yet another weather belt approaches



Safely back down – just and where’s all the snow ??



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