Walk                           :  Green Crag (1,602 ft) from the Birker Fell Road, Eskdale

Date                           :  8th July 2021

Weather                    :  Dull, low cloud, mist, rain, poor visibility  @  15°C


Distance                   : 5 miles round trip

Time Taken              : 1 hour 30 mins  to summit


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview





Should anyone who reads this blog have the similar misfortune that we experienced when attempting to bag this summit, then here are

a few observations based solely on my experience



The above excerpt from AW`s notes on Green Crag was not we experienced, it may have been at the time and conditions when he completed

the Green Crag Section of his 1960 guide book 4 – but we found the start purely by luck, it wasn`t obvious and the “path” such that it was,

was in fact sketchy to say the least and non existent past Great Worm Crag. For navigation purposes in bad visibility, the key land marks

in what is a largely featureless expanse of moor land will be Rough Crag, then on to Great Worm Crag, then onto White How and then finally

up the southern shoulder of Green Crag. In good visibility, these three landmarks are easy to pick out, but be prepared for some really boggy

walking between Great Worm Crag up to the start of the ridgeline on to Green Crag with little in the way of a path to follow.



The walk, as AW briefly described is on the upper most part of the Birker Fell Road approx 300 yards or so after a cattle grid. In this shot the

first landmark to aim for (Rough Crag) is shown left of centre



Approximately 200 yards from where we parked the car there seems an obvious start point on the right. Ignore this, it quickly turns into a

pathless quagmire



Approximately another 50 yards further on the “path” on the right, as such provides easier walking up to the first check point of Rough Crag



Looking back to the Birker Fell Road from the path



Looking over to Yoadcastle and Seat How from the path



Approaching Rough Crag



As you approach the crag the faint track bends round to the right and heads towards Great Worm Crag



Looking across to Devoke Water on the path to Great Worm Crag



Great Worm Crag straight ahead, a modest climb



The summit cairn on Great Worm Crag. At this point the path and the visibility both deteriorated dramatically



The way ahead towards the next land mark … White How



Underneath the mist – the main bulk of Green Crag



Heading towards White How over the bogs



White How



A brief lifting of the mist and enough of a view from White How to make the crossing over very boggy ground to the shoulder of Green Crag



Skirting the shoulder of the ridgeline to the main bulk of Green Crag



A prominent grassy rake between the craggy western face leads to the summit. The path improves greatly at this point and leads to the summit

between a series of moraines. We took this completely useless 360 degree view from the summit … https://youtu.be/VCMfc_TIIDs


In conclusion – not a very good day on the Fells. There should have been some fine views of the Scafells and surrounding high peaks, but

sadly it was not to be. However … “Better a rainy day in Lakeland than a sunny day in the Office” !!



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