Walk                     : Helm Crag … “The Lion and the Lamb”

    Date                     : 22nd December 2011

    Weather               : Sleet at times, cold

    Route Details        : Grasmere, Helm Crag, Grasmere

    Distance               : 3 miles


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                                            I will do this again in better weather, it is a charming little walk and make a circular out of it. The summit is a sight to

                                                                  behold and worth more than just a cursory glance. The path to the summit is quite clear. The village of Grasmere is a

                                                                  delight and there are a couple of decent “watering holes” for after the climb



I made the short journey from the apartment we were staying in at Bowness to the Broadgate Meadow car park in

Grasmere. The objective of today’s little excursion was staring at me as soon as I left the car park … Helm Crag or

“The Lion and the Lamb” as it is affectionately known, and here you can see why. I get a little closer to it later on.



Conditions remained overcast but dry to start with as I head off down Easdale Lane



Eventually you pass through the small hamlet that is overshadowed by this quirky little fell



The footpath leads off towards Easdale Tarn but I stayed on the main drag crossing Easdale Beck heading towards

Lancrigg Hotel to pick up the path to the start of the climb.



The Beck in full flow



Just follow the sign post !!! (very good of some one) – this route takes you through the front lawns of the Hotel which

then leads you on to the path that signifies the start of the climb.



You think … this surely must be the wrong way but persevere



You exit the wooded area and on to the open fell side



The “staircase” rises quite sharply and you need to take care in wet conditions as the rock is very slippery.



Things get a little easier once you get slightly higher up the fell side heading towards Jackdaw Crag and White Crag



Easdale Tarn and the Beck. Even at this fairly low altitude the fell tops had a sprinkling of snow. The cloud heading

towards me here provided some driving sleet just to freshen you up a little.



Higher still, and you could hear the force of the cascading water



Looking north and Calf Crag is rapidly disappearing from view



And Tarn Crag



The path veers round now to the right and the cairns dotted along here make it impossible to get lost



The start of gaining the summit now and the weather has eased off a little



On top now and in all it’s glory … “The Lion and the Lamb”. The whole fell top is a shattered array of rocky outcrops

chasms and boulders.



And no more so than the Howitzer which is the true summit of the fell. Down below the A591 leading north to Keswick

A.W. left a little postage stamp sized space in the Chapter on Helm Crag in his Guide to the Central Fells it reads ….


“This corner was reserved for an announcement that the author had succeeded in surmounting the highest point. Up to

the time of going to press, however, such an announcement cannot be made” ☺☺☺



Gibson Knott from the Howitzer



Looking back to Grasmere and the weather starts to close in once more. To the pub me thinks !!


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