Walk                     : The Newlands Round

                                            Date                     : 22nd June 2011

                                            Weather               : Overcast, threatening rain   

                                            Route Details        : Hawse End, Cat Bells, Maiden Moor, High Spy, Dalehead, Hindscarth,

                                                                                        Scope End, Little Town, Hawse End

                                            Distance               : 7 miles


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    This circular can be done either clock or anti-clockwise. If and when I do it again, my preference would be to start at

    Little Town and ascend Scope End, as coming down from the clockwise route was quite tough on the joints considering

    the lack of height overall in comparison. To descend Cat Bells via the engineered pathway is a lot easier




With a gathering mass of cloud ahead, the climb up to Cat Bells starts along the pathway from Hawse End



As height is gained, Bassenthwaite Lake comes into view



Blencathra to the north from Cat Bells summit



Looking back to the summit of Cat Bells on the way to Maiden Moor. The path to follow is clear throughout.



Looking ahead to Maiden Moor and the dark clouds loom.



Here a glimpse of the Mosedale Round fells from Maiden Moor



The next objective the cairn on High Spy



As I near the summit cairn on High Spy it dawns on me … I’m the only sole about attempting to do what I’m

attempting to do – oh heck !!!



Causey Pike about to be shrouded in cloud



As I get to a higher vantage point and the first glimpse of the highest part of the climb it’s apparent that the same

thing as already happened at Dale Head



Just before the heartbreaking descent to Dale Head Tarn a glimpse of Great Gable in the background … just !!



As I start to swing round the ridge from Dale Head to Hindscarth



On the way down to the tarn – a considerable loss of height !!



The Newlands Valley in all its glory and a good indication of the gradual climb upwards from Cat Bells



Just the odd peep of sunlight. Shortly after this the heavens opened



Swinging round now on the descent from Hindscarth, you can just make out the summit cairn on Dale Head



Back down to Little Town now having just endured the steep descent of Scope End



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