Walk                     : The Fairfield Horseshoe

                                            Date                     : 25th March 2011

                                            Weather               : Absolutely glorious

                                            Route Details        : Ambleside, Sweden Bridge, Low Pike, High Pike, Dove Crag, Hart Crag,

                                                                                        Fairfield, Great Rigg, Heron Pike, Nab Scar, Rydal Mount, Ambleside

                                            Distance               : 11 miles


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                                            A classic circuit, that can be done either clock or anti-clockwise. The weather for late March was unbelievably barmy.

                                                                  Magnificent views throughout especially on top of Fairfield, and one that I’m sure will return to again many times. Also

                                                                  a cracking pint or three of Wainwright’s in The Sportsman’s (Ambleside) after



On the lane down to Sweden Bridge and as you can see from this picture across the valley looking at Nab Scar that

from early in the morning, the weather promised an absolute cracking day, and it didn’t disappoint either



Just on to the approach to Sweden Bridge and the start of the anti-clockwise ridge forms one side of the Scandale

valley. Very soon the climbing will start in earnest to gain height onto the ridge



The approach to the Bridge, and the path veers off to the left to start the climb up to Low Pike



Once the initial height is gained, all becomes apparent, here the wall leads all the way up to the top of High Pike.

There were parts of the initial climb when the ground under foot was extremely treacherous, and served as a reminder

of all the wet weather we did have just a few days prior to this glorious day



As High Pike levels out the wall becomes a bit more broken up, but the way up to Dove Crag is unmistakable. The

horseshoe, starts to take shape now as you can see the massive bulk of Fairfield at the head of the valley.



Looking across over Scandale and the Far Eastern Fell range



Looking across the valley to the return leg of the horseshoe, here Heron Pike and Great Rigg. It’s now scorching

and I’m glad I packed the extra water



Here from on top of Hart Crag looking back south towards Windermere, just before turning up towards the highest




Nearly at the top of Fairfield now and the Grisedale Valley to the north



From the summit of Fairfield looking south back towards Windermere



After a considerable “pit stop” to admire the views of both valleys to the north and south of me I decided it might be

a plan to tackle the homeward bound leg, after all there was a few pints of Wainwright’s waiting for me in the

Sportsman’s. Here on the approach up to Great Rigg



It was a gentle drop down to Heron Pike, and I really enjoyed the stroll after all the toil, and here just a brief pause

to admire the view. By this time the water had run out.



Approaching Heron pike



Through the heat haze, the shimmering Easedale Tarn



Rydal water



And further on down Rydal and Grasmere, here from the top of Nab Scar



Loughrigg and Rydal Water from the very steep descent of Nab Scar. Just a mile and a half now to the Sportsman’s !!



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