Walk                     : Cat Bells

                                            Date                     : 28th May 2010

                                            Weather               : At ground level warm and sunny. Up top very windy and cold. Clear visibility   

                                            Route Details        : Hawse End, Cat Bells, Hawse End

                                            Distance               : 3 miles round trip


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                                            A beautiful sunny day in Keswick, from Hawse End picked up the engineered pathway and straight up. Freezing cold

                                                                  on top due to high wind. Over all an easy climb although some of the steep bits do catch by surprise. Good track all

                                                                  the way up, impossible to lose.




On the ascent from the constructed path and a glimpse over to the Newlands valley. Scope End poking out centrally

to the south of Newlands village



Looking the other way towards Bassenthwaite Lake and the Northern Fells. Ullock Pike to the right background



Onwards and upwards the reasonably steep trek up the well trod path !!



An idea of the steepness as Sue and Ste have to back track to catch Jones who has taken it upon himself to “meet

and greet” some of the “local inhabitants” of the fell !!



With Jones on the lead now further up we go. Looking over Derwent Water now and towards Blencathra looking

quite moody in the shade



Looking across to the Coledale group



Ste on the summit looking reasonably pleased with his efforts !!



It’s a tad windy on top !! – Me and Sue with Jones (the sheep botherer). It`s looking a lot clearer now over towards

the Skiddaw range



Bassenthwaite Lake from the summit.


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