Walk                     : Haystacks

                                            Date                     : 28th September 2011

                                            Weather               : Hot and Sunny    

                                            Route Details        : Gatesgarth, Scarth Gap, Haystacks, Green Crag, Warnscale, Gatesgarth

                                            Distance               : Approx 5 miles


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                                           We had booked a week in the Bowness for the last week in September. The weeks leading up to it were not promising

                                                                 with rain almost every day, Autumn was setting in. Then hey presto the last week in the month was unbelievable 25°C

                                                                 heat throughout the week. This excursion of AW’s most revered of fells was an absolute joy. To quote the great man …


                                                                 “Coupled with a return by the Warnscale route to make a full round journey, the ascent of Haystacks via the pass of

                                                                  Scarth Gap is a prelude of much merit and beauty to a mountain walk of unique character, the whole distance being

                                                                  no more than five miles. Save it however for a fine clear day” …. Well they certainly don’t come much finer than today !




Parking the car at the farm was a bit of a struggle, the Ice cream vans out in force doing a roaring trade. Here on the

Start from Gatesgarth farm, with Red Pike, High Stile and High Crag dominating the skyline



Across the track from the farm and the start of the climb



The path then swings to the left and climbs steeply



Out of the wooded area now and the towers of Haystacks come in to view.



Even higher now aiming for the first check points of Low and High Wax Knott



Looking back towards Gatesgarth, and no it’s not a Goodyear blimp just a weird cloud shadow



Looking across over to Fleetwith Pike



Onwards now and the next check point – Scarth Gap



At the top of Scarth Gap now and the breath taking views start to unfold, here Kirk Fell and the bulk of Pillar, but

onward now and a bit of scrambling up the north tower to get to the top of Haystacks



Looking back after the initial climb towards High Crag to the north



Just before the drop down to Innominate Tarn a pause for a photo opportunity



Innominate Tarn from above …..  a truly beautiful spot



Wainwright requested that his ashes be scattered here. It certainly is worth taking the time out and visiting all of

Haystacks summits, I think that day I must have stayed on top for at least an hour



Looking over towards Great Gable ….



On the way now to Warnscale and here is a classic view of Buttermere and Crummock Water.



Further round now and a sight of the ridge leading towards Crummock Water



Further round still …



Eventually the path leads down the side of Fleetwith Pike and what follows is a gentle steady drop on a decent track



Looking back from the descent now towards Scarth Gap and the “towers” of Haystacks



Back down at the farm now with the sun casting shadows over Fleetwith pike



And where I’ve just come from, a perfect day draws to a close. A love of the lakes ??? – Oh yes !!!



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