Walk                           :  The Langdale Pikes (omitting Pike o Stickle) – Pavey Arc (2,288ft), Harrison Stickle (2,404ft),  

                                        Loft Crag (2,270ft)

Date                           :  10th June 2012

Weather                    :  Fair, variable cloud and dry


Distance                   : 7 miles round trip

Time Taken              : 1 hour 20 mins to first summit (Pavey Arc)


Which part of Lakeland is this walk situated


Terrain Overview




An adventurous walk requiring some scrambling. The direct route up to Stickle Ghyll is exhilarating requiring the need to traverse the Ghyll which if in full speight could be difficult



First decent view of the Pikes as we journey down the Langdale valley towards Old Dungeon Ghyll



From the front of the old Hotel the path starts after the first barred gate and crosses a footbridge



Its not long before the path starts to climb steeply



First view of Harrison Stickle



Stickle Ghyll in full flow



Looking back down Langdale towards Windermere



An example of one of the several “white water” cross overs that we had to make on the journey up to Stickle Tarn



Nearly at the top of the Ghyll now as Ste points the way to Pavey Arc



Stickle Tarn



The choice of adventurous routes up to Pavey Arc. Note well – this route is classed as a Mountain Climb and not a Fell walk



Jacks Rake in close up



Harrison Stickle from Stickle Tarn



Ste on the summit of Pavey Arc



Stickle Tarn from the summit



The path to Harison Stickle



Bowfell from the path to Harrison Stickle



Great Gable from the path to Harrison Stickle



The summit cairn on Harrison Stickle



Setting off on the path to Loft Crag



Looking back to the steep descent from Harrison Stickle



Loft Crag summit



The final staircase leading up to Pike o Stickle which time did not permit us to make



On our journey back to our apartment a lingering last look at the Langdale Pikes from Low Wood Bay



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